Adam Steinfeld

Meet Adam Steinfeld, Office Administrator at Over Under Clothing.

Adam SteinfeldWhat is your favorite Over Under product? And why?

Answer: Horween Bifold Wallet

Why: I like this product because of the patina that forms over time, the leather ages beautifully and only gets better with use.

What is your favorite dog breed?

Answer: Golden Retriever

What is your favorite way to preserve the sporting lifestyle?

Answer: I really enjoy bass fishing wherever it's possible. I always have a rod with me ready to wet a line. 

What is your dream outdoor excursion?

Answer: My dream is excursion would be island hopping to fly fishing the Abacos.

Why is American made important to you?

Answer: American Made is important to me because manufacturing US goods keeps us relevant on the international stage, and we don't want to be known for importing inferior products from other countries. We want to be known for creating high quality goods that will last a lifetime.