Dylan Palmer

Meet Dylan Palmer, New Media Guru at Over Under Clothing.

Dylan Palmer

What is your favorite Over Under product? And why?

Answer: Tidal Tech Long Sleeve T-shirts

Why: I like this product because when the surf is flat I like to go fishing and the tidal tech shirt is my go-to for comfort and sun protection.

What is your favorite dog breed?

Answer: Golden Doodle

What is your favorite way to preserve the sporting lifestyle?

Answer: I really enjoy surfing, hiking in the mountains and going fishing. 

What is your dream outdoor excursion?

Answer: My dream is excursion is traveling to Hawaii to go surf and head out into the ocean to go spearfishing.

Why is American made important to you?

Answer: American Made is important to me because I know exactly who is making my goods, Its important to have the highest quality of product and nobody does it better than America.