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Meet John Kreis, Office Manager at Over Under Clothing.

Taylor Watson

What is your favorite Over Under product? And why?

Answer: Horween Bifold Wallet

Why: It is extremely durable and wears well. I carry it every single day and it still looks (and smells) great!

What is your favorite dog breed?

Answer: German Shepard

What is your favorite way to preserve the sporting lifestyle?

Answer: My favorite way to Preserve the Sporting Lifestyle is to backpack in the wilderness for days on end. 

What is your dream outdoor excursion?

Answer: I’ve always loved the Rockies. It’d be a dream to explore, hike, and camp throughout the Rocky Mountains.

Why is American made important to you?

Answer: American Made is important to me because I love this country and therefore care about its continuing economic success. I'm happy that Over Under not only encourages the growth of American manufacturing through our commitment to sourcing products domestically, but also designs quality goods that advertise this commitment.