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Over Under Clothing is deeply rooted in American tradition. We can promise you that it is our mission to produce as many of our products & accessories in the USA, as possible. Whether it's the choice cotton thread grown by Mississippi farmers to create "The Sporting Polo" or the rich supple leather that comes from Texas steers for our belts and wallets. We believe that our great country is the perfect place to make the best products money can buy. From the very first day the concept to start Over Under popped into our heads, we knew two things were certain: one, if we were going to start making fine, traditional clothing and accessories, we wanted to be authentic and real.

 *If a product is Made in USA, this will be indicated in the description. We strive to produce our goods here in the USA with the manufacturing capabilities available today.*

Proud to say "Made in the USA"

Made in the USAWe are proud today MADE IN THE USA! At the moment over 75% of our products are produced in the USA. It is our goal to attain 100% American Manufacturing as soon as possible, as manufacturing and skilled labor return to this country. This was our hearts desire because we truly love and are thankful for our Great Country. When starting our venture many people said things to us like; "You'll have to go to China, or somewhere in South America, but you just can't make it here." or "You'll never get it off the ground if it's made in America." and the one that we'll never forget, "That sounds like a great idea young man, but you're going to find it's impossible for you to be successful." Well, we're here to prove the critics wrong and we hope you'll help us out. We still believe in folks like the American Farmer, the American Rancher and the American manufacturer. We are proud to be an example to others that not only can it be done, but done well. We pride ourselves on these beliefs and we want everyone to know that America still has what it takes to make high quality products within our own shores. The next time you or one of your four legged friend's puts on one of our products, rest assure that you and your dog are not wearing another garment that was manufactured overseas from foreign materials. You are wearing something that helped keep or create a job right here in America. You are standing up for the ideals that this Country was founded upon and we thank you for your support. You are wearing OVER UNDER and we are proud to say "MADE IN THE USA!" Be sure to shop our selection of fine clothing and accessories, today.