Matthew Proctor

Meet Matthew Proctor, Vice President of Over Under Clothing.

Matthew Proctor

What is your favorite Over Under product? And why?

Answer: The Hunt River Field Pant

Why: They are quite simply the most comfortable and functional pant I have ever owned. And my wife likes the way they look on me!

What is your favorite dog breed?

Answer: Silver Labrador

What is your favorite way to preserve the sporting lifestyle?

Answer: I always enjoy inshore & surf fishing with my kids.

What is your dream outdoor excursion?

Answer: It would be my dream excursion to surf and fish my way down the eastern coast of South America.

Why is American made important to you?

Answer: For generations, the backbone of our country was held on the power of our manufacturing. And while most manufacturing, especially clothing has moved overseas for cost cuts and other reasons, we are determined to do as much as we can to keep it here. I get excited at the thought of our small company being a part of supporting other small USA manufacturers. Also, by producing goods here in the United States, it is a way for me as a designer to stay close and personal to production and quality, which we would lose if they went overseas.