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3 Basic Rules for Choosing a Men's Belt

Belts are one of the most overlooked accessories with men's clothing. If you want to differentiate yourself from other men while making a style statement, spend some time considering what belt you will select. The right belt will tie an outfit together and can even serve as a statement piece.

You achieve great style by paying attention to the details. Do not let your belt be an afterthought — put some time and effort into purchasing the right belt for the many situations you may face in life. 

1. Formality

The first factor that you need to consider when purchasing a new belt is the formality of the event you will attend while wearing the best. Men's belts fall into two basic categories: the dressy belt and the casual belt.

Dressy belts tend to have a glossy finish. A belt that you pair with a formal outfit will be narrow and thinner than many casual belts.

Belt makers create casual belts from almost any material. A casual belt has a wider design that can easily fit through the belt loops on a pair of jeans or shorts.

Once you know whether you need a casual belt or a dressy belt, you can narrow your search to belts that match the level of formality you want. 

2. Materials

Belt makers can create belts out of a variety of materials.

If you want to invest in a nice black or brown dress belt, restrict your search to belts crafted from fine grain leather. This type of leather is the highest quality, ensuring your dress belt will be soft and supple. Fine grain leather has a rich and sophisticated appearance, allowing a belt made from this quality leather to blend seamlessly with the most formal suit or tuxedo.

Casual belts see a lot more use than dressy belts. You will want to look for a belt made from durable materials that stand up to daily wear. Leather is a popular option for casual belts. Rather than the costly fine grain leather of a dress belt, you can opt for a casual belt made from more affordable genuine leather or suede instead.

You can also pair cotton belts with casual outfits to provide a more comfortable and flexible fit. A cotton belt is a great option for an outdoorsman who will face mud and moisture that might ruin a leather belt.


3. Buckle

In order for your belt to be functional, it must stay firmly in place throughout the day. Buckles secure belts in place and allow you to adjust the size of a belt for maximum comfort. Dressy belts usually have polished silver or brass buckles.

Fastening options for casual belts are more diverse. You can find burnished or weathered buckles that give a leather belt a distressed look. D-rings that allow a belt to fold over onto itself are common on cotton belts.

If you want a truly unique casual belt, consider one with a hoof pick buckle. These belts have leather rings sewn into them. A metal fastener that resembles the hook-shaped head on a hoof pick slips through the leather hole corresponding to your size.

The type of buckle on a belt can have a dramatic impact on the appearance and style of the belt itself, so choose a fastener that blends with your existing style.

Give careful thought and consideration to each men's belt that you purchase for your wardrobe. Visit Over Under to find a belt that will meet your unique style and function needs. We are also happy to answer any questions you have about our belt products.

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