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Designed to withstand multiple climates, Over Under Clothing’s selection of outerwear is sure to find a spot in your closet. Whether most of your work week is spent outdoors on the job site or your ideal weekend morning is tracing the field with your loyal 4-legged hunting companion, Over Under’s jackets will keep you warm and dry year after year. Our men’s and women’s coats are uniquely designed, timeless pieces that are sure to bring you comfort in cooler weather and it's durability will last you a lifetime

Unlike any other waxed jacket, our waxed briar design was carefully crafted after years of thorough research and only from the highest quality materials. Try it with our Quilted Briar Vest that was designed to be zipped into the jacket. Wear the vest separately and it’s the perfect layering piece. Pair our Quilted Briar vest or one of our our King's Canyon vest with one of our Plaid Flannel shirts, and it is sure to become your “go to” outfit for the fall and winter season.