3 Tips for Your Spring Turkey Hunt

3 Tips for Your Spring Turkey Hunt

Many people look forward to putting their winter clothes away and watching the spring flowers restore the natural beauty of the diverse American landscape. For hunters, this is even more exciting because spring is turkey season. Preparing for the hunts ahead of time with the proper outerwear and gear will increase your chances of bagging many birds as spring unfolds.  

What Should You Do to Prepare for Turkey Hunting Season? 

1. Check Your Equipment

Opening day will be a non-starter if your gear isn’t up to the task. Perform routine maintenance on your weapons, whether you’re using firearms or a bow set. It’s possible that you haven’t used the weapons very often over the winter if it all. Signs of wear and tear or misaligned sights can negatively impact your aim and lead to dangerous malfunctions on the trail.  

An equipment check should also include the gun case. Through time and use, most cases will begin to fail. The shotgun will be less safe inside the case where it can be exposed to damaging dust, debris, and moisture. If your case is frayed, search for a replacement made of waxed canvas. Canvas is a lightweight but heavy-duty fabric made from tightly woven threads. It’s less likely to wear down over time, especially when it’s waxed. Modern gun case manufacturers wax the canvas fibers before stitching, enhancing their already higher levels of durability. Additionally, weaving improves water resistance, protecting your shotgun when it’s in storage or if the weather turns when you’re on the trail.  

2. Practice Your Shooting

Hunters should visit a local range often in the weeks leading up to their first turkey hunt of the spring. The birds have fast reflexes, making heat-of-the-moment shots very common. Taking the winter season off can impact even the most experienced hunter’s aim, making sudden shots harder to accomplish. You’ll be set up for success as the season unfolds by practicing early.  

Additionally, firearm hunters should pattern their shotgun at the range. Patterning ensures the weapon aligns with the ammunition and choke, improving your aim and the gun’s effective range.   

3. Scout the Terrain

Before opening day, take some time to scout the range you’ll be hunting on. Familiarizing yourself with the area will make navigating it easier during the hunt. You’ll be able to avoid hazardous terrain, bogs, or rough thatches. Additionally, you can better understand the color patterns and style of the area, allowing you time to make changes to the color of your outerwear, if necessary.  



The resilient outerwear and accessories from Over Under Clothing will provide comfort and peace of mind when you’re on the hunt this season, letting you focus on the chase as you were meant to. For more information on our free shipping options, call us at (904) 619-0577.  

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