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4 Benefits of Mesh Hats for Outdoorsmen

Warmth, comfort, and style are three aspects everyone looks for in a hat. If you're someone who enjoys the outdoors, you may add durability and usefulness to the list. Whether you fish, hunt, or simply enjoy watching nature, there are a wide variety of hats to choose from.

One of the ideal options is a mesh hat. Also known as a trucker hat, the mesh hat features a solid front and a mesh back which features a pattern of small holes and is typically manufactured with connected strains of nylon.

As you embark on your outdoor activities, a mesh hat provides a number of advantages and may be one of the best options for your head.

1. Sweat Reduction and Comfort

As you explore the outdoors, a hat is often used for warmth and protection from the sun, but the warm properties of a hat may often become too warm. As you hike, hunt, and explore, the sweat may build up in a standard hat.

A mesh hat has the ability to let your head breathe. All of the heat will get released through the mesh so the sweat doesn't build. When you wear darker hats, sweat stains may often fill the edges, but the reduction of sweat in a mesh hat will help reduce the stains and keep your head temperature regulated.

The mesh design also prevents the need to constantly take off the hat for relief. The air flow will help both cool and heat your heat so there is a reduction in sweat and discomfort.

2. Floating Capabilities

The design of a mesh hat means the whole hat itself is more lightweight. The lightweight design of the mesh helps with a number of outdoor water activities because most mesh hats will float on the water.

For example, if you drop the hat in water, the lightweight mesh will often help keep the hat afloat so you can easily grab the hat when you get a chance.

The mesh design also helps prevent a lot of the hat from being soaked if the hat happens to get wet. The hat will dry more quickly and allow you to place the hat on your head again.

3. Hanging Items

While on an outdoor adventure, a hat may needed for a number of different accessories. For example, if you fish or hunt, the hat may be used to display a license. On a traditional hat, you would have to insert a safety pin through the fabric of the hat.

The mesh hat design allows you to attach items through the small mesh holes as opposed to through the solid fabric of the hat. No damage to the fabric is made and when the items are removed, there will be no small tears or fabric strings in the way.

4. Adjustable Sizes

As you do various outdoor activities, you may have other head accessories you wear with the hat. For example, you could have a headlamp on your head for night hikes. You may wear a headband or large ear plugs to cover your ears.

Once extra items are placed on your head, a fitted hat may not fit correctly. A mesh hat has the advantage of an adjustable snap back. Snap back hats have a long history in the world of hats and have had many uses. With the snap back adjustments, you have the ability to change the hat size to fit any other outdoor accessories you may use with your head.

With a mesh hat, you have the ability to wear and enjoy a hat no matter what type of outdoor activity you are doing. Visit Over Under Clothing to view our products. 

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