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4 Practical Clothing Accessories Ideal For Fishing

The sport of fishing often includes hours spent fishing from shore or on the water. Not only do you want to find a lot of comfort with the clothes you wear, but a lot of practical use. When you fish, you may get wet and have a lot of accessories to deal with.

Consider a collection of practical clothing accessories to help you get through fishing trips and enjoy your time trying to reel in the big one.

1. Belts

A strong belt not only provides a way to keep pants and shorts snug, but you may find a lot of extra use out of the belt. Hang quick-access fishing accessories on the belt like extra hooks or fishing tools like pliers.

You may also attach other fishing gear directly to a belt. For example, a fishing rod holder could loop directly into the belt. When you reel in a heavy fish or need to free your hands for a moment, the rod holder will keep the pole securely in place and attaches right to a belt.

A strong leather belt provides years of durability and strength to help handle multiple fishing trips.

2. Hats

Hats not only protect your face from the sun during fishing trips, but you could use a hat for practical reasons. When you are required to display your fishing license, you could easily hang the license off the side or the back of the hat.

As you shop for hats, pay attention to the underside of the visor or bill. Darker colors will help absorb the light reflections from the water. With a lighter-colored hat, you may notice the sun reflections in your eyes more as the light reflects downward.

A hat provides options for attaching fishing accessories. For example, if you fish at night, you could clip on LED lights to easily see and keep your hands free. Attach mosquito nets and extra protection to heavily bugged areas.

Once you find a hat that fits your comfort and style, you will find accessories to match and stylize with.

3. Vests

A vest provides comfort and easy access to pockets without too much warmth provided by long-sleeve shirts. With a vest, each pocket provides a separate area for supplies. For example, one pocket could hold sinkers while another pocket holds rubber worms.

Keep practical items like wipes and bandages inside different vest pockets. Some vests may have hidden pockets on the inside of the vest. The hidden pockets are an ideal area to hold a cell phone or cash. Pockets may include snap buttons to easily open and shut the areas for access.

4. Long Socks

Long socks do not just supply fun style options but add a lot of protection while you fish. If you fish on shore, tall grass and weeds could have a lot of ticks and other insects. The long socks provide protection, especially if you prefer to wear shorts on hotter days.

The socks also provide protection from flying insects like mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are often drawn to the ankle. The insect often chooses the lower area to avoid slaps and swats from humans. With long socks, you will help deter mosquitoes from you while you fish for extended periods of time.

Long socks also provide a quick storage solution. For example, if you do not like to take your wallet fishing, you could keep a little cash stored in your sock for easy access to pay for bait or other needs around your favorite fishing spot.

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