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4 Things You Need for Hunting in Winter

Whether you enjoy hunting as an occasional pastime or rely upon it to feed your family, you probably know that your work will go more smoothly if you have the right gear and clothing. Never is this more true than in the winter, when having the right clothes and equipment can make or break your trip. Next time you're out on a hunt, make sure you have these four crucial things with you. 

1. Base Layers

In the winter, you'll need to focus on keeping moisture away from your skin so that you can stay warm. Look for base layers, top and bottom, that will wick away your sweat and keep your body dry. Some synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon excel at moisture-wicking, or you can look for natural fibers to do the trick. 

If you live in a frigid climate, you'll also want a middle layer between your outer coat and your moisture-wicking base layer. A center layer insulates you from the outside air, so look for padded coats and vests that will keep in the heat. You'll need to walk and move throughout the hunt, so stick to light, flexible, and durable clothing.

2. External Layer

Your outer coat and pants will need to be lightweight and colored appropriately for your environment — wear bright contrasting colors, and your prey will quickly discover your presence. A variety of camouflage clothing, including coats, pants, hats, and rain gear, will help you remain invisible to the animals you hunt.

Your external layers should also have some weatherproofing measures, keeping cold air and moisture out. In winter, the barrier will keep your body heat in as well, which will help you last longer outside. Look for a high-quality coat that won't trap your sweat inside — just the heat you need to protect you from hypothermia. Comfortable clothes can make all the difference in your hunting experience. 

3. Footwear

Hunting socks will guard your feet in the same way your base layers protect the rest of your body: wicking away moisture and keeping heat inside. Socks also have the task of preventing blisters and discomfort, so you'll want to look for high-quality materials that will keep your feet cozy and warm. The only material to avoid is cotton, which will be inadequate for your winter hunting needs. 

Boots are also essential for your hunting journey and should be waterproof and weatherproof as much as possible. They perform the same function as your outerwear: keeping moisture and cold air away from your sensitive feet. Buy excellent footwear to hunt successfully time after time, especially in the winter, when you can easily suffer the consequences of inadequate footwear. 

4. Backpack

You'll need a bag to store all of your hunting gear, and your choice of a dependable backpack can lead to more success on each hunt. Look for something that will stand up to the conditions, be lightweight but sturdy, and come with padding to prevent irritation or blisters. A waist strap can help distribute the weight if you tend to pack a lot of materials.

Inside your bag, you should carry enough food and water for your trip, packed in materials that won't make a lot of noise when you open them. Bring your knife and other weapons, as well as binoculars to help you focus and lights to help you when it gets dark. Add a GPS if you're going into unfamiliar territory and any other emergency materials you may pack into a survival kit. 

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