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4 Unique Ways to Gift T-Shirts for Christmas

When Christmas comes around, one the simplest and more practical gifts to give is a T-shirt. Whether it's a warm day or layered underneath other clothes, T-shirts are worn year-round and easy to gift to family and loved ones. Wrapping up a shirt and handing the gift off always works, but you can take your gift-giving to the next level.

Learn about four unique ways to gift T-shirts, and incorporate some surprising ways to hand out presents this holiday season and for years to come.

1. A Literal Stocking Stuffer

When folded right, you can fit a T-shirt in a lot of small places. Add a nice Christmas surprise to a person's stocking by stuffing a shirt inside. One of the best ways to fit a T-shirt inside a stocking is by using a folding technique known as the ranger roll. The packing method is known by many members of the military, as they use the method to pack clothes for trips.

Using the method, you will roll a T-shirt into a tight cylinder shape. A cuffed edge in the fold design allows you to tuck the shirt into itself so the shirt doesn't unravel once you place it inside a stocking. The shirt will fit easily into most stockings and leave extra room for treats.

The stocking stuffer shirt looks great when you leave the top part of the shirt rising up out of the stocking. You can select from green or red shirt colors to add an extra festive touch.

2. Ornament Balls

Large clear plastic ornament balls are used for a number of Christmas crafts, including faux frosted glass designs and miniature creations. If you purchase an extra-large clear ornament ball, then you can use the ball as the packaging for your T-shirt present. When the ball is open, you want lay the shirt over the top and slowly push in the sides to fit as much of the shirt inside.

Once packed in, you will bunch the extra material into the center and add the top half of the ornament to enclose the T-shirt. The ornament will lock into place. If it feels too tight, you can add a piece of clear tape to ensure the ornament ball stays shut.

On Christmas morning, you can hang the ornament ball from the tree, and the recipient will be treated to a fun surprise.

3. Pocket Surprise

If you purchase a T-shirt with a chest pocket on the front, then you can utilize the pocket for a nice added surprise. Place a gift card inside the pocket to enhance the gift and make the T-shirt a gift card holder.

For example, if you purchased a T-shirt from an apparel company, then you can add a gift card from the same company so the person can order more clothes. When they open the gift, see if they notice the gift card. If they do not, then you can ask them to hold up the shirt or try it on and see if they notice the gift card.

4. Outfit in a Box

As you pick out a T-shirt for someone, you can make the purchase a part of a larger gift. Using a nice gift box, you can prepare a full outfit in a box for someone. Along with the T-shirt, you can add a pair of pants or accessories like a belt and socks.

You can take things a step further to include perfume or cologne and give the person everything they need to get ready for the day. The outfit in a box can become a new annual tradition as you put together a fun design for a loved one to wear.

Check out all of our T-shirt options at Over Under Clothing, and consider some of the unique gifting options for the holiday season. We have dozens of T-shirt designs, including T-shirts with pockets.

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