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4 Ways to Stay Outside This Fall

If you enjoy an active, outdoors lifestyle, you may feel disappointment rising as the weather begins to cool off. With temperatures dropping so quickly, you may wonder what you can do to keep up the life style you love despite the cold. Look at a few activities that won't go away just because the thermostat drops below 70.

1. Hiking and Biking

While most people have more time in the summer, you don't have to stay off the trails once autumn comes. The paths you've enjoyed before are still there, or you can look for a new place to explore. If you live in a well-forested area or close enough to go into the woods, you'll find that the change of seasons brings a kind of beauty with it that you won't get in warmer months.

If you plan to hike or bike trails as the weather gets chilly, make sure you bundle up appropriately and carry the same supplies you would in the summertime. Water, snacks, and a map are just as important in autumn as in the summer, and you may even appreciate them more in the cold.

2. Rock Climbing

Since the heat and humidity both come down after summer ends, you won't find a better time to climb outside. Some of the best spots in the nation are far enough south to retain a bit of warmth, while the crowds die down in the change of seasons further north. Either way, you'll find that the rocks are wide open now that tourist season is over, and you can hit the walls with the same enjoyment you did in the summer. 

3. Fishing

If you think the fishing season is over once the leaves change color, think again. You'll have to adjust your methods for the season, like location and bait choices, and you might bring in a different catch than you expected, but you'll have the water almost to yourself in most places after Labor Day. 

Time your fishing expeditions carefully, as the lake will experience turnover for a week or so in the fall. Cold water from the depths comes up to mix with the water vapor in the air, which makes your job more difficult. As the autumn season goes on, though, you'll find bigger fish grouping together, and their behaviors will stabilize enough for you to bring in a good haul.

4. Kayaking

You don't have to stay off the water when temperatures start to fall. Lakes and rivers in wooded areas can be even more enjoyable when the scenery starts to change to welcome in the new season. Again, people tend to pursue indoor activities once summer is over, so you may have the water almost to yourself if you choose to go out.

Whether you plan to spend an afternoon on the lake or you're off on a multi-day kayaking expedition, take appropriate precautions against the weather. Autumn winds can be more dangerous, and the possibility of falling in can carry more dangerous consequences the colder it gets. Dress in layers and bring extra dry clothes to protect yourself against the chill.

Cold weather can deter some people from outdoor activities, but don't be one of them. When you continue to do the outdoors things you love, you'll get more out of it, and you'll get to keep some things the same even as the seasons change.

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