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4 Ways to Support Non-Profit Organizations With Hunting Clothing Purchases

The evolution of clothing purchases has dramatically changed in recent years. People now purchase clothes with more research and insight into where their money goes and how a company produces a shirt. Many clothing companies will donate proceeds to non-profit organizations, including hunting apparel companies.

Learn how the purchase of clothes for hunting can support non-profit organizations and give you multiple causes to root for and join in.

1. Direct Donations

Some clothing companies will donate proceeds directly to organizations. By simply purchasing a t-shirt or other clothing items, some of the money you spend will go directly towards the non-profit companies. As you shop online, check out the non-profit organizations to know exactly what groups they support.

In the world of hunting, there are many non-profit organizations dedicated to land conservation. Overhunting, overfishing, and construction can all cause negative impacts on hunting areas. Land conservation organizations dedicate their time and resources to protecting the laws and establishing laws to protect the land for future generations.

Just a little support can go a long way in helping the organization, especially if you need to purchase hunting gear anyway.

2. T-Shirt Labels and Messages

While the purchase alone may support non-profit organizations, you can take things one step further with the purchase of a hunting t-shirt directly associated with non-profit causes. The t-shirt designs and labels will help you get a message across and represent the causes you support when you wear the shirt on a regular basis.

For example, you can purchase a shirt with a hunting dog on it and show support to rescue foundations like the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida. The canines are common hunting dogs and rescuing a dog is the best way to get an animal for hunting.

Other shirts may showcase designs focused on the animals you like to hunt with key messages about preserving the sporting lifestyle. All of the designs can make great conversation starters when people see your shirt. You can dive deep into conversations about the land you hunt on and how the nonprofit organizations help with the sport of hunting.

When you start the conversations, you are directly supporting the clothing company and non-profit groups which can create awareness and make a huge difference for the organizations.

3. Non-Profit Education

As you purchase hunting apparel, your deep dive into the supported organizations will go a long way in helping educate yourself on the different groups out there. You can learn about the history and ways each group helps. The education can teach you why animal protections and land conservation will ultimately lead to a safer and better hunting world.

Through the education process, you may also find yourself getting involved with the company all because of a clothing purchase. You may donate directly yourself or seek out ways to get involved with the non-profit groups. You could turn a simple t-shirt purchase into a lifelong membership with groups like the Coastal Conservation Association.

4. Gift-Giving

As you shop for hunting clothes, you may not just make purchases for yourself. When you purchase apparel for others, you can implement the non-profit information as part of the gift. You can write a gift message to go along with the gift or teach others about the non-profit groups that will benefit from the gift purchase.

Spreading the positive causes through gifts can become a regular tradition you share with other hunters in your life. The gifts can be used on birthdays, holidays, or to celebrate the start of a new hunting season. The people who receive the gifts could start the same tradition and spread out the ideas to others through gifts of their own.

For more information on our clothing line and the non-profit organizations we support, visit us at Over Under Clothing. We produce American made apparel and support the sporting lifestyle.

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