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5 Advantages of Field Jackets for Long Flights

If you have a long flight, you want to have as much comfort and relaxation while aboard the plane. One way to increase your comfort and get through the long trip is with the use of a field jacket. Traditionally used for hunting, a field jacket provides a lot of use if you fly often or are planning a long-distance trip.

Check out the features found in the jackets and ways to transform the way you fly when you wear a field jacket aboard the plane.

1. Extra Pockets

A field jacket is made to hold a lot of hunting accessories and you can take advantage of those extra pockets for a plane ride. Instead of over-stuffing a carry-on bag and digging through the bag during your flight, you can utilize the extra pockets to quickly access items.

You may fill one pocket with easy to reach snacks. Another pocket may include your cell phone or a portable device like an MP3 player. If you are sitting comfortably, the pocket access eliminates the need to access the overhead storage.  Many field jacket pockets also include buttons so you can shut the pocket and prevent items from sliding out while you sit.

2. Hidden Pockets

The interior of many field jackets will include hidden pocket compartments. You can utilize those compartments for many uses. For example, you can use the pockets to store your wallet or plane tickets. The extra security in the pocket will ensure items do not fall out or get lost.

A hidden pocket is an ideal location to place a device and plug headphones in. When you run a headphone cord on the interior of your jacket, you don't have to worry about dangling cords or tangled cords causing any problems.

3. Hoods

If you don't have a window seat, you may have to deal with a lot of natural light from other guests aboard your flight. One way to help block out natural light and sleep on a plane is by wearing a hood. If you want to snooze, nap, or relax, a hood can block out the light, give you some privacy, and allows you to relax on the plane.

You can pair a hood with a small pillow or neck rest for extra comfort options. You can easily wear headphones under the hood to block out extra noises and enjoy music or podcasts you want to listen to.

4. Interior Zipper Connections

If you are often cold on flights or seek more comfort, then look for field jackets with interior zipper connections. The jackets are made for the outdoors and offer ways to easily add more layers to the design. With an interior zipper, you can add a thick layer for comfort and warmth. The extra layer may make it easier to nap and rest during the long flight.

Some jackets will include the interior layer while other layers are purchased separately depending on the design.

5. Durability

As you go through crowded airports and on planes, you want a durable jacket that can handle all of the stops, tight squeezes, and long flights. A field jacket is made to handle the outdoors and works well for airport and plane conditions. As you carry luggage and wait in line, you can enjoy the durability of a coat that will last for years in the future.

The jacket can become a new traveling companion as you plan trips and travel long distances. Over time, you will develop a routine with the jacket as you take advantage of the all features and wear it for multiple flights.

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