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6 Must-Have Additions to a Young Man's Wardrobe

Are you heading out into the world after college or high school? Then it's time to start making the transition from teen to young adult in a professional world. Your wardrobe can make this transition easier or harder, depending on how open you are to dressing for success in a modern world. 

Not sure where to start? Here are six must-have pieces any young man should add to his closet in order to dress professionally. 

1. Suit

Even if you aren't going into a job where you must wear suits every day, add at least one good suit to your closet. Opt for a dark, neutral shade like gray or navy. Black isn't usually necessary unless you want to add it to your collection. You can pair navy or gray with many different colors of ties, lapel wear, and shirts, and they both do for somber events nearly as well as straight black. 

If you can't afford many suits, stick with solid patterns. People won't notice when you recycle them nearly as much as patterns. Have the suit properly fit and tailored to your body to make it look more expensive. 

2. Button-Down Shirts

Men need a lot of different styles of shirt for the various activities they participate in. While t-shirts, hoodies, and flannels should all remain part of your wardrobe, be sure you add some nice — but comfortable — button-down shirts too. Look for a variety of styles, including plaids, solids, and small patterns. Let your personality shine in this part of your professional wardrobe. 

3. Chinos

Your favorite jeans are still an important part of your wardrobe, but they should now share space with other pants and trousers. Chinos and khakis are good staples that go with just about everything and wear well. Dress them up with a nicer shirt or dress them down with your favorite flannel wear. If your budget is limited, focus on a good fit and solid quality rather than quantity. 

4. Dress Shoes

Buy two or three pairs of nicer dress shoes to go with your nice pants. While it may seem like shoes aren't that important, they are a finishing touch for men's fashion. They will either make up for other fashion deficiencies or possibly detract from your successes.

A few basic dress shoe styles are timeless. These include cap toe Oxfords (usually in black), Derby styles, and loafers (more casual). You'll probably need at least one brown pair and one black pair of dress shoes. Additional colors add to your repertoire as you find ones that appeal to you.

5. Wallet

It's time to ditch the cheap, fun, boyish Velcro wallets of your past and replace them with a long-lasting and classic version. A real leather wallet makes you look and feel like a grown-up, even if there's not much in it. Look for a wallet type that fits your lifestyle, where you keep it, and what you put in it. You can generally choose from bi-fold, tri-fold, front pocket, or checkbook styles

6. Watch

A good watch isn't just about telling the time. Anyone's phone can do that, after all. Your watch is a sleek — and simple — part of your fashion statement. Although you should invest in a good watch, you don't need an overly expensive or luxury brand. Your watch should be metallic or neutral enough to go with most of your clothing, including business clothes and casual outdoor wear. 

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