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7 Spring Fashion Trends for Men That Are Here to Stay

As so many fashion trends come and go, it is reassuring to know that some styles for men will last far beyond this spring season. Invest in a few spring pieces now and wear them year-round. Quality clothing and accessories are a wardrobe investment, so buy practical pieces that are well worth your money.

Here are seven spring fashions for men that will stick around for a while.

Field Jackets

A timeless investment this spring is a great canvas field jacket, perfect for balmy days and chilly nights. These are found widely, and khaki and brown are neutral colors that will meld with whatever happens to be in your wardrobe. Some of the features that you will find when shopping for field jackets include versatile pockets and linings.

Performance Button Down Shirts

A great look for spring is a distinctive patterned, button down shirt and comfortable khakis or field pants. The ensemble is casual enough for the golf course, but when you pair it with a blazer or cardigan, it is pulled-together enough for the office. Pair with comfortable driving moccasins or sandals for a great look any time of the year.

Quilted Vests

A great topper for the spring fashion season is the quilted vest. These are easy to wear with your favorite weekend outfits but also provide the warmth that you need during the often unpredictable springtime weather. These vests also work in a business-casual environment when paired with dark khakis and a turtleneck shirt or sweater.

Leather Bags

Leather is durable and resilient, which makes it ideal for the next springtime staple: men's messenger bags. A messenger bag is more stylish than a briefcase and the perfect catchall for everything that you need during your busy day. Choose distressed leather styles that feature compartments for all of your work-related materials and supplies.

A Fresh Hat

Another great way to make a fashion statement this spring is with the right accessories, such as a great looking baseball cap. You will find cool, contemporary hat styles in a wide range of styles, including motifs like shotgun shells, fly fishing rods, and more. These add just the right bit of personality to any outfit.

Vintage Leather

Finally, round out your spring wardrobe with a classic vintage leather jacket. Check out thrift stores and consignment boutiques or buy a brand-new distressed-style jacket that will echo the trends and popularity of the past.

Consider neutral tones that will go with your entire closet, such as taupe, steel, or chocolate, but that bring a breath of fresh air to all of your clothes and ensembles. Also, you can't go wrong with a vintage-style bomber jacket.

When shopping, remember that thrift finds and vintage apparel aren't a good deal if they don't have the integrity to last. Want the look of vintage leather? Choose new garments made with attention to detail that replicate or nod to the original retro style.

Invest in a few pieces of quality apparel this spring that will provide you with yearround use and wearability. The spring trends for men seem to keep an eye on quality and are styles that can be worn any season, which makes them practical purchases.

Use these seven suggestions to create a wardrobe that will stay stylish and looking good in any season. Visit online retailers and storefronts to find the perfect pieces to round out your closet this spring.

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