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Autumn Night: A Men's Fashion Guide for Dating throughout Fall

More likely than not, you will go on a date this Fall. It's a great way to relax and bond while enjoying the changing seasons/leaves. You want to impress on the date while still staying comfortable for the duration. By using a fashion guide, you can be prepared for your date and any future dates in the Fall.

Casual Comfort

A pair of sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt may seem like the most comfortable outfit for fall, but it's a little too casual, especially if you're looking to impress a date. You want to wear clothes that are casual, but still fashionable and can supply you with a good look that doesn't seem like you're overdoing it for the experience.

A pair of jeans is ideal for matching with a nice top like a button down shirt. A untucked patterned shirt can showcase the perfect blend of a smart, casual look that is ideal for the date and possibly even dinner beforehand. A solid print or patterned T-shirt is also great to wear either underneath the button down or on its own depending on the weather and your comfort.

Layering Up

Temperatures throughout can be unpredictable. This is why you want to layer your clothing as much as possible. Having the ability to remove layers will make it more comfortable while watching enjoying yourself and can also prevent any embarrassing sweat stains.

The ideal layering process should include a T-shirt base, a button down shirt or vest over that and finally a casual zip-up jacket. A nice waxed canvas jacket adds a sophisticated touch without being as formal as a suit jacket. Going with something that zips up will make it a lot easier to remove while on your date. You will not need to stand or awkwardly pull clothes over your head.

Plus, the zip-up jacket is ideal for draping over a date's shoulders if they get cold. By having on extra layers, you can offer up the jacket while also remaining warm yourself.


One fashion option ideal for a movie night is a vest. A vest can provide warmth, comfort and add some style to your outfit. Vests are also typically equipped with multiple pockets. The extra pockets make it easy to store your keys, phone and wallet. By storing these items in the vest instead of your pants pockets you can be a lot more comfortable sitting through dinner or whatever the destination may be.

The stylish vest can also free your arms up for any type of handholding or other moves you want to try on the date.


As you plan your outfit for a date this fall, it's also important to consider the accessories you bring. You may want to pay for you and your date, but your wallet can add to your look or detract from your look. You do not want to pull out a worn down and weather wallet stuffed with receipts, phone numbers and other junk. Instead, clean out or buy a new wallet that fits your style.

While there are many other accessories to choose from that will help complete your outfit's look, one of the most popular is a watch. A watch is a timeless feature you can wear all the time and proudly display.

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