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Benefits of Long-Sleeve Performance Tees for Fishing

Fishing requires a lot of care and attention for the gear you bring, but you should also put a little extra thought into the clothes you wear. Not only can you look and feel great while fishing, but a number of fashion options have practical options while on the water.

Whether you fish from shore or on a boat, consider the use of a long-sleeve performance tee. These tees were made exclusively for the outdoors and have several advantages when it comes to fishing.

The use of a performance tee is not just for style and comfort, multiple benefits are added when wearing them while fishing. Read through these advantages and see how a great performance tee can actually change the way you fish for the better.

Sun Protection

When you fish while wearing short sleeves, your arms are one of the more common areas exposed to the sun. Open water doesn't provide much protection from the direct sunlight when you are on the open water. As you cast, reel, and repeat the process, your arms may become burned, and sunscreen may make both your hands and arms slick when trying to manage the fishing line, hooks, and bait.

A long-sleeve performance tee covers up your arms. Some shirts are even made with SPF and UPF opacity levels to protect your skin from the sun. While other exposed parts of your skin should be covered in sunscreen, the use of the tee on your arms will help prevent a lot of hassle.

Also, the sun protection of the sleeve is constant, unlike sunscreen, which fades out over time and needs to get reapplied.

Bug Protection

A long-sleeve performance tee offers maximum skin protection from various types of bugs along with ideal sun protection. Mosquitoes, gnats, and horseflies may all be a nuisance while you try to fish.

Protect as much of yourself as possible while wearing long sleeves. You do not want to struggle while reeling in or adjusting your position as you hook a large fish if a bug has found your arm to be the perfect target for a bite.

Along with protecting your arms, the full upper-body coverage of a performance tee goes a long way in providing the extra protection you need.

Water Protection

Wetness is part of the sport, but you can help prevent the damp and soaked feeling that comes with getting too wet while out on the water.

Some performance tees with nanotechnology help with moisture in two ways. The first is external moisture. The materials on the shirt will not soak in a splash or excess amount of water that comes when you pull a fish or net up. The water beads on the shirt and drips off without exposing you to the moisture.

The second way the water protection comes in is through your own sweat. Any sweat you may have will not absorb into the material, keeping you cool and refreshed throughout the day. You do not need to worry about a change of clothes or being uncomfortable in a sticky and sweaty t-shirt.

Stain Protection

A number of long-sleeve performance tees also have stain resistance built right into them. No need to worry about fish blood, fish guts, or worm slime getting on your clothes. With the stain resistance, these elements will wash off and not set into the fabric.

Each time you wear the shirt on a fishing trip, you will feel like you're wearing a clean and new piece of fabric. The stain protection also comes in handy for any messy meals you eat while fishing. Eat freely, and don't worry about random food stains while on the water.

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