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Camping in the Rain: Gear You Need

You never know when rainy weather will come your way, but you don't have to let a few raindrops (or a torrential downpour) ruin your outdoor experience. Camping in the rain can be refreshing, allowing you to explore nature in its most cleansed state; simply being prepared with the right gear will make your camping experience, rain or shine, more enjoyable.

Add these rain-ready camping materials to your outdoor arsenal. You will be able to enjoy rainy weather in comfort and safety.

Layered Clothing

The biggest risk rain poses to you is making your body cold. Cold weather drops your body temperature, and when your clothes are wet, your body is unable to maintain even temperature, which can lead to hypothermia quickly.

Pack (and wear) layers of clothing to keep you warm and dry. Breathable, naturally warm clothing, such as cotton and wool blends, help trap in your natural body heat. Layer clothing with a lightweight t-shirt with a turtleneck on top. A raincoat protects your under layers of clothing from getting wet.

Warm Socks

Layering socks will keep your feet dry. The first layer should be a lightweight material comprised of moisture-wicking materials. Hiking socks are lightweight and comfortable. A second layer of socks to cover your feet when the weather drops and turns wet should be on-hand; consider mountaineering and wool socks to ultimately keep your feet dry.

Don't forget your footwear: wear waterproof boots (or spray your boots with a water repelling spray). Bring a few pairs of boots for your camping trip along with several pairs of socks so you can always keep your feet dry. Your outerwear specialist can help you choose socks and other gear for camping in rainy, wet weather.

Fire Starters

A healthy, hot fire is necessary for successful rainy camping. Duct tape contains chemicals that make the tape highly flammable, making the cheap household tape perfect for camping in rainy weather. Other great fire starters include:

  • Crayons (also can be used as candles)
  • Orange peels
  • Cotton balls (dipped in petroleum-based oils)
  • Wood chips (mixed with melted wax)

Carry all fire starters in a sealed container or plastic bag to keep these items from getting wet.


Pack several tarps with you for your rainy camping trip. Tarps can be used to cover your tent and keep water from getting inside, to insulate underneath sleeping bags, and to cover gear and other items left out in the open. Buy lightweight tarps that are easy to fold and have metal rings in them for tying down as necessary.

Quick-Drying Fabrics

Don't wear denim during your camping trip - denim jeans take too long to dry out. Instead, wear lightweight, quick-drying fabrics, such as khaki, cotton, linen, polyester, and nylon. Remember these fabrics for your layering shirt pieces as well.

Wear thermal underwear underneath your pants (buy pants a half or full size larger than you normally wear for comfortable layering) to keep you dry and warm.

Before you head out on your rainy camping trip, check the weather report so you know how wet you can expect to get while camping. It's best to pack more gear than you think you need, especially when it comes to socks, clothing, and bedding.

Buy your camping gear and clothing in advance at your local outdoor supply company. A friendly associate will assist you in choosing the best rainy camping gear and clothing for your adventure to keep you warm and comfortable.

You can wear your outdoor clothing during other rainy events, such as sports activities or outdoor exercise. For all your outdoor adventure needs, rely on our team at Over Under Clothing.

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