Common Upland Game Birds of North America

Common Upland Game Birds of North America

While you dust off your favorite outerwear in preparation for your next trip, you may want to brush up on your upland game birds. Knowing what to look out for and where to expect to see these birds will help your next hunt be more successful.

3 Upland Game Birds You’ll Find in North America

1. Pheasants

This widely recognized bird is one of the world’s most popular game birds, both for the sport they offer and their culinary uses. While now widespread throughout North America, pheasants are a non-native species that were introduced from East Asia in the 1880s. They were immediately popular as a game bird, and individual states have been stocking them to augment the wild populations ever since. These crafty birds are evasive, often running through cover and hiding in the underbrush. Even your dogs may have trouble pointing to them, as they’re dexterous and move quickly.

2. Bobwhite Quail

Another iconic bird, especially in the southern range of upland hunting, bobwhite quail have recently seen sharp population declines in much of their native range due to agricultural and irresponsible land use. Easily identified by their shape, coloration, and status as the only quail species in most of their range, you will likely find them grouped in coveys. If you’re bringing dogs, a pointing dog and a flushing dog will be beneficial, as they are likely to hide under thick cover when cornered.

3. Grouse

Of all the birds on this list, grouse might just be the most special for upland game hunters. There is a long history of hunting grouse on the continent, and of all the game birds, grouse have most successfully resisted domestication, meaning if you’re hunting a grouse in the woods, you know it’s wild. There are many species spread across the continent, inhabiting just about every biome along the way. These birds have more feathers than their closest non-grouse relatives, including feathered legs. But perhaps what most distinguishes these birds is the sound of their flush. If you scare one out unexpectedly, be prepared for your heart to skip a beat. The flush is loud and may sound like a truck engine starting up.


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