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Essential Fishing Clothing

When you're going fishing, all you need is a pair of waders and clothing you don't mind getting dirty, right? Actually, being prepared for a fishing trip requires more than classic waders to keep your feet dry.

The right fishing gear provides you head-to-toe coverage, comfort, and protection and allows you to enjoy your fishing adventure with ease. Use this guide to help you select the right fishing attire. A performance clothing supply store can help you select the clothing items you need.

Waterproof Belt

A waterproof belt doesn't absorb water and weigh you down, nor will it cause chafing or other skin irritation as you spend hours in the sun or in various water depths. You may not always need a belt to keep your pants up, but a belt is important to have when fishing. The water that weighs down your pants will cause your bottoms to shift and pull, causing discomfort. Wearing a belt while fishing, even if you don't normally wear one, prevents this from happening.

Nylon Shirt

A nylon shirt is best for fishing, particularly a shirt that has front pockets for holding hooks, bait, and the items you like to have easy access to. Choose a nylon shirt that is breathable with plenty of arm room (to allow for easy casting) and sleeves that go to your wrists to prevent sunburn.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants should be worn under waders or without waders when you're fishing on dry land. Cargo pants need to have a long crotch for comfort and movement. Choose light-colored cargo pants as they reflect more sunlight than darker pants do.

Some cargo pants come with zippered knees or buttoned knees for converting into cargo shorts. These types of pants are ideal if you are fishing in warmer months and need to change your attire as temperatures rise.

Sun and Insect Protection

If you are going to be spending hours in the sun fishing, you need gear to protect you from the heat. Sunglasses, particularly polarized ones, protect your eyes and reduce sun glare from the water (the sun's reflection on water can sunburn your eyes).

A baseball hat shades your head and face against the sun's rays. A bandana absorbs sweat and helps keep you from overheating if you dip your bandana in the water periodically to cool your neck and face. Finally, don't forget to wear sunscreen and insect repellent on all your fishing trips to keep your skin protected.


Boots with steel toes and shin guards are best for fishing in the water to protect your feet and legs against rocks and other potentially dangerous items in the water. Waders alone will not protect your body against a fish bite, particularly if you are fishing in the ocean or in a lake where aggressive species are known to thrive.

Wear boots you can layer two pair of socks in to protect your feet. If you can wiggle your toes comfortably, you've found a good fit. If your toes feel cramped or you are unable to flex your foot appropriately, go up a half size in your boots. Always wear your fishing socks when trying on boots so you get a true fit in the store.


Leather gloves are essential to healthy fishing. Your hands can be cut on a catfish spur, a fish's tooth, or a fishhook unless you are wearing protective gear. Wear gloves that fit tightly but area able to be removed quickly in an emergency, and keep your gloves on throughout your fishing adventure.

Fishing is an enjoyable sport that is made more comfortable when you have the right gear. Over Under Clothing offers all the clothing you need for fishing, hiking, camping, and more. Shop our website today!

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