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Everything You Need to Know About Cuff Links

Cuff links have been used for centuries by men who want to add more style and class to their look. At first, cuff links can seem a little overwhelming or confusing, but once you get the hang of them, they can improve any look. If you are interested in adding cuff links to your wardrobe, check out these commonly asked questions.

What Types of Closures Are There?

There are a few ways your cuff links can work. To understand them, however, you should understand the basic structure of a cuff link. They have the front face, insert member and cup member, which are the fancy parts people see. The post is connected to the cup member, and it is what is inserted through the cuff link hole on the shirt. Finally, the toggle is located at the bottom of the post, and it is used to secure the cuff link to the shirt.

The most common type of cuff links are bullet back and toggle and closure cuff links, which have a small "bullet" shaped toggle that can be flipped to secure it to the shirt. Other common closure types include whale back closure, stud/button, chain link, ball return, and locking cuff links.

What Are They Made From?

Cuff links can be made from many materials. Some of the cheapest ones you can find are made from yarn or fabric. Enamel is another common material. Enamel cuff links often come in fun styles because the acrylic can easily be shaped and styled. Metal cuff links are also common. Some men prefer titanium, but you can also choose precious metals.

Another elegant and possibly expensive option is to choose precious stones, such as emeralds. These are a great way to get a pop of color. Finally, leather cuff links are another possibility, and because leather can be shaped easily, you can choose many different designs.

How Do You Choose the Right Ones?

Picking the right cuff links can be a little tricky at first. To begin, look at your shirts that work with cuff links. If the majority of your shirts are warm colors like red, yellow, orange, you want to stick with brownish and deep red cuff links, but if your shirts are cooler colors, like blue and black, it may be best to stick with silver. Of course, you can always choose specific cuff links for specific shirts, but it is more affordable to be able to use the cuff links with multiple outfits.

Next, where are you going? If you are going to a regular day at work, you want cuff links that are more polished, such as titanium, enamel, or precious stone. On the other hand, if you are going to a fancy event, more elegant cuff links are better, such as precious metal. For more casual looks, silk, leather, and fabric are great.

How Do You Wear Cuff Links?

Cuff links are actually easy to use as long as you are using a shirt designed to be worn with cuff links. Unlike buttons, both sides of cuff links are outside the cuff. Therefore, instead of lying flat on your wrist, the cuff will be pinched together with a stylish edge.

To use the cuff link, fold the cuffs and find the matching holes. Remember to keep the interior walls of the cuff together to create that classic winged look. Simply insert the cuff link and lock the latch as necessary. You’ll know you've done it correctly if you can see the decorative part of the cuff link when your arm is resting at your side.

Cuff links aren't for everyone or for every occasion, but for men who like fashion and looking well-polished, cuff links can be exactly what you need to boost your look to the next level. If you’re looking for stylish cuff links for your collection, check us out at Over Under Clothing today.

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