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Fall Fashion Finds That Belong in Every Man's Closet This Season

When the days get shorter and the temperatures dip, it is the perfect time to assess your fall wardrobe. Do you have the items and apparel that you need for the season? Think about adding to your existing closet, and consider adding some clothes and accessories that are ideal for autumn activities, outdoor recreation, and hunting season.

Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are the foundation pieces of a fall wardrobe, and they work perfectly in an office or outside. Look for quality shirts made from durable cotton flannel in classic plaid styles. These pair with khakis or jeans. Think about pairing flannel shirts with your summer short-sleeve tees, layered, for a pop of color and added warmth.

Cotton Pants

If you add only one pair of pants to your wardrobe this season, make it a pair of high-quality cotton khakis, canvas cargos, or field pants. These versatile and comfortable pants are perfect for work, school, and outdoor activities this season, but they also work year-round! Cargo pants keep coming back in style, for both men and women. Choose popular neutrals, like khaki, navy, olive, or black for the most flexibility and wear.

Long-Sleeve Tees

You don't have to pack away your short-sleeve tee shirts, but you still need to add long-sleeve cotton or performance tees for fall. If you are a fan of the three-button Henley's, those will work, too. These shirts will be an important underpinning for your entire wardrobe, providing a casual shirt for any occasion and a layer of insulation during outdoor activities.

A Fall Jacket

The right fall jacket is a must, but take time to choose one that suits your lifestyle, personality, and surroundings. Think about the fabric and choose one that will be comfortable during your typical activities and recreation; also, consider features like water resistance, pockets, and lining to narrow the field and find the best jacket for you. Choose a neutral tone that will coordinate with the other staples and elements of your fall wardrobe.

Leather Moccasins

Treat yourself to a great pair of leather moccasins. These unique slip-ons sold by various Native American artisans are perfect for a walk outside or for a day at the office. With a little bit of treatment and care, a quality pair of leather moccasins should last for years and years.

Foul-Weather Gear

Don't forget about beefing up your rain gear this fall, especially if you are an outdoorsman or hunter; the right rain-gear can be used year-round for all of your outdoor chores and activities.

A Slouchy Sweater

Another fall essential is a cotton or raglan sweater — but buy a size larger than you might normally buy for the office or school. An oversized, slouchy sweater can be easily layered with lots of tees and shirts for time spent outside and is a great piece of lounge wear during the cooler months. Look for 100% cotton crew-neck or shawl-collar sweaters, in cable knit for added bulk.

Hats and Caps

Now is the time to pull out your hats and caps for fall; this is a practical move, as keeping your head warm in cooler weather can keep you warm all over. Discard or donate sun-faded or damaged hats left over from summer and treat yourself to something fresh and new.

Always look for clothing items and products that are American made for assurance of quality and to contribute to the economy through revenues and job opportunities.

Are you ready for fall? Visit Over Under Clothing for the few fashion finds that every man needs for fall. From days out in the woods to hanging by the fire with friends, add these items to your closet to create a comfortable and versatile wardrobe.

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