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Fall Wardrobe Basics for Active, Outdoorsy Men

With the change of the seasons comes a change of your wardrobe. What does the active man need to know about fall fashions? If you prefer an outdoor adventure to an afternoon spent indoors, take a look at the must-have autumn options for active men.

Flannel Button-Down Shirts

A comfortable flannel shirt provides the extra warmth you need for the fall season without making you sweat. This mid-weight pick is the perfect way to take your adventurous ensemble from a camping trip to a casual (but stylish) night out.

A high-quality flannel will hold its color, form, and fit for years to come — with proper care. Not only is flannel a durable fabric, but its weight provides plenty of protection throughout several seasons. As the weather gets colder and you head towards the winter months, you can keep this fall staple in your wardrobe rotation. Layer it over a thermal shirt or wear it under a sweater to transition it into winter wear.

Moleskin Button-Down Shirts

Don't let the name fool you. No moles were harmed to make these cotton shirts. Moleskin is a durable cotton fabric that provides warmth, wind-resistance, and comfort during the chillier months. Even though moleskin can protect you from the autumn elements, it's still soft enough to keep you comfortable all day long.

Like flannel button-downs, a moleskin shirt can also easily transition from a day outside to an indoor evening activity. These shirts pair perfectly with everything from jeans to chinos and are ideal for layering either over a cotton tee or under a jacket or vest.

Fleece Vests

The in-between fall weather is unpredictable at best. One day it's slightly cool, sunny, and crisp and the next it's windy, rainy, and cold.

A fleece vest adds extra warmth without going overboard. On most fall days, you won't need a full-scale winter coat. But you may want more than a plain tee. This fall option is the perfect weight and shape (without the addition of sleeves) for the season. Wear it with cargo shorts and a tee on warmer fall days or pair it with a thermal base layer, flannel button-down, and long pants as the season cools.

One-Quarter Zip Sweater Jacket

This pullover is perfect for a chilly fall morning or a crisp autumn night. If button-down styles of sweaters and fall jackets allow a breeze to get past your outer layer, this option is an ideal alternative. The one-quarter zip design keeps you warm and doesn't allow wind to get in.

Like flannels and moleskin shirts, you can also take this pick from adventurous outdoors activities to casual indoor events. To dress this outdoorsy item up, pair it with a patterned cotton button-down and khakis.

Insulated Nylon Shell Jacket

While the heavy snow is still months away, the fall weather may include pelting rain, wind, and colder temperatures. Again, you aren't likely to need a heavy winter-weight coat yet. But that doesn't mean you should leave for your fishing trip, camping getaway, or other outdoor adventure unprotected.

An insulated nylon shell jacket can keep you warm in the morning chill or as the evening highs drop to cool lows. The nylon design is also water and wind repellant. This adds to the warmth, will keep you dry, and can protect you from a sudden fall storm.

Even though an insulated nylon shell jacket isn't dressy enough for a formal event or business meeting, it isn't just an outdoor wardrobe item. Pair this casual coat with jeans and a flannel button-down for a relaxed weekend style.

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