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Fishing With Your Canine Companion: The Gear You Need

Taking your dog fishing is an excellent way to bond with your favorite canine friend. While you may think you only need a fishing pole and a container of wriggling worms to make the experience fun for you both, it's best to be more prepared so you can enjoy the outdoors to its fullest.

You and your dog will want to have the right gear to make any fishing excursion a fun and safe success. Your local outdoor equipment store representative can help you check off the needed items from your list. Here are some of the fishing gear items you should consider adding to your list of supplies, so you and your dog can have fun adventures wherever you go.

Canine Life Jacket

Your dog may love the water and be an excellent swimmer, but their curiosity while out on the water can cause them to get swept away by a swift current that can put them in danger. You can avoid an accident on the water and help keep your dog safe by investing in a canine life jacket or vest.

A life jacket for dogs fits over your dog's back, securing via adjustable straps on their underbelly. You can buy life vests in bright neon hues for easy visibility, so you can keep track of your dog while you fish the day away.

Wader Coveralls

Wader coveralls allow you to walk in deeper waters as you fish. Choosing wader coveralls over wader boots offers you greater comfort and water protection because you don't have to worry about your boots filling up with water if you venture out too deep.

Make sure you choose wader coveralls that fit snugly while still having room for you to wear layers of clothing underneath. You can also wear sweaters and sweatshirts or jackets on top of coverall waders. Neoprene is likely the material you should consider when buying waders as it is long-lasting, durable and easy to wear without causing discomfort. Your outdoor enthusiast retail rep can help you choose wader coveralls that meet your needs.

Light-Up Cooler

You will want to bring food and beverages for both you and your canine companion. If you are night fishing, a light-up cooler is ideal for allowing you to enjoy your snacks and keep your fish cool with greater ease. Other factors you want to consider for a cooler to take fishing include:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Cooling capacity
  • Sealing properties

You want a cooler you can easily pack with you while still being large enough to hold food, fish bait and eventual fish caught on your adventures. Don't forget about saving room for plenty of fresh water for your dog to drink while you are hiking or near muddy waters.

Leash and Collar

Even if your dog never leaves your side, you want to have a leash and collar on hand just in case you need to restrain your canine friend. Leather or hemp collars are a wise choice if your dog is allergic to nylon. Carry a leash on your person if you are not using it immediately, but make sure your dog always has their collar on while you are fishing. A collar and leash combination that has reflective strips can help make your dog more visible to other fishermen and vehicles at night.

Taking your dog fishing is an excellent way to bond. Your dog needs gear as much as you do to make the adventure safe and fun. Our team of outdoor experts at Over Under Clothing are happy to help you find the fishing gear you need for a successful outdoor excursion.

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