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From the Office to Outdoors: Clothing You Need

You love being outside, enjoying the outdoors for sport, fishing, hiking, and more. You also have an office job that requires you to be stylish, professional, and put-together.

You need clothing that is durable yet comfortable. You need a variety of styles of clothing to wear for both work and heading out on an adventure.

Here is a guide to help you select the best performance wear clothing as well as office attire so you have a complete wardrobe. With the right clothing you can always be prepared for the project at hand while looking professional at the same time.


Pants should be durable, comfortable, and have ample movement in them to prevent restriction and chafing while you move around. For this reason, consider khaki or cotton work-wear pants.

For the outdoors, classic denim jeans with ample gusset (groin) room for easy comfort may be all you need. If choosing khakis, then select painters' pants, which have many useful pockets in them for holding tools and equipment (such as hiking gear, water bottles, and other outdoor necessities).

Consider work pants in dark navy hues or brown or tan khaki: black work pants are also appropriate, but keep in mind that debris shows up easily on darker materials. Avoid white work wear pants as white is also too difficult to keep clean.


On days where the weather permits, you may wish to wear shorts as part of your outdoor attire. Keep shorts at the knee or longer, and choose painters' styles that have many pockets along the hips and thighs. Wide-leg shorts provide the best movement.

Unless shorts are allowed in the office on casual days, stick to shorts for outdoor use only. If shorts are allowed at work, consider khaki styles in knee lengths or longer (light to dark camel khaki colors are appropriate).


A casual button-down plaid or plain-colored shirt is ideal for customer consultations and work meetings. Choose a breathable cotton button-down shirt with a stiff collar for a professional appeal.

For everyday outdoor shirts, stick to classic T-shirts or sleeveless ribbed tank shirts (worn underneath a short-sleeve open shirt) for greater professionalism. White is an ideal color for both work and casual-wear shirts as the color reflects the sun rather than absorbing it, allowing you to stay cool while being a neutral hue that is easy to layer with.

For sun protection, consider breathable nylon or polyester work shirts. Choose short sleeved polo styles with wide armpit areas for easy movement. Invest in a few wool long-sleeved T-shirts as well; wool is an excellent insulator for those chilly work days when you need added protection. You can find all the professional and outdoor shirts you need at your local outdoor apparel store.


For the office, stick to blazers and form-fitted jackets in wool or a cotton blend. A vest can be worn in replacement of a jacket on warmer days.

A lightweight yet insulated jacket is needed for varying weather conditions when you are outdoors. Choose a jacket with a removable liner so you can control how warm you need to be. Jackets containing wool, down, or a thermal insulator are ideal for all working conditions.

Make sure you choose a jacket that is long enough to cover your waist and has cinched sleeves so you can easily roll up your jacket without the sleeves falling back down. You should be able to raise your arms, rotate side to side, and lean over with your jacket on (and zipped) comfortably. If your jacket restrains you, buy a size up. If your jacket moves with your body, you may need to go a size down.

With the right clothing, you can look and feel comfortable in and out of the office. For all your professional and outdoor clothing and accessory needs, visit us at Over Under Clothing today.

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