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Holiday Gifts for the Outdoorsy Man

Is your guy decidedly outdoorsy? Does he love camping, fishing, hiking, biking, and just about anything else he can do in nature — year-round? With winter and the holiday shopping season, on the horizon, it's time to think about the perfect present for your love. Make a statement, show your beau that you truly know him, and take a look at these Christmas outdoor gift options for men who love the outdoors.

Outerwear Gifts

The dress coat that your significant other wears to work won't do when it comes to his weekend-warrior activities. Instead, he needs outerwear that's rugged, multi-functional, and warm. Before buying anything off the rack, consider one of these specialized selections:

  • Base-weight fleece jacket. Start with an effective base layer. The beauty of a medium-weight fleece jacket lies in its ability to multitask. It provides an insulating base as part of outerwear layering, but it also is just as effective on its own in the fall and spring.
  • Fleece vest A fleece vest provides plenty of insulation on a chilly winter day. Like with a fleece jacket, a vest version is another option that he can wear in warmer seasons.
  • Quilted vest. Again, another layering option that works well year-round. But if you're looking to gift your guy with a vest that can go from a camping trip to a casual night out, this option is the answer.

You don’t have to choose just one outerwear pick for your love's present. Combine different materials or styles so he can have warm and cozy layers during his outdoor activities.

Flannel Presents

Layering goes well beyond the jacket or vest. Your guy needs something to wear under his outerwear — and that's where flannel comes in. Whether you choose plaid or a solid color, flannel button-downs are classic picks that will add both warmth and style to his overall ensemble.

When choosing the just-right flannel, consider:

  • The fit. The skinny-jeans equivalent of a flannel shirt won't work well when your guy is active. Choose a shirt that is somewhere in between tailored and baggy. This gives him room to move during intense outdoor activity but still looks fashion-forward.
  • The use. If he also enjoys wearing flannel button-downs to work or on a night out, a lighter-weight fabric is your best pick. Heavy flannels may add warmth during fall or winter, but they'll also feel uncomfortable indoors.
  • The style. Your guy has preferences. If he likes things simple, a solid color is ideal. But if he prefers to mix and match or enjoys a patterned option, a plaid is the way to go.

Along with these considerations, think about what will go under the shirt. If he's layering other tops underneath, he may need a larger size than he'd normally take. This can accommodate other base layers without restricting movement.

Performance Picks

Unlike regular t-shirts, the performance variety comes with plenty of added benefits. These advantages include:

  • Moisture wicking. Outdoor activities cause sweating, which can be uncomfortable in the cold months. The performance tee wicks moisture off the body, keeping him comfortable and dry.
  • Layering effect. This added layer may seem slim but makes a major difference in how he feels during cold-weather outdoors activities.
  • Sun protection. A UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) protective tee is an easy way to reduce the risk of damaging sun exposure.

Not only do performance tees provide effective protection, but they can also add a sense of casual style when worn as a top layer.

Do you need Christmas present picks for your outdoorsy beau? Contact Over Under for more information about our outdoor clothing options and start shopping today.

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