Light brown dog sitting with mouth open and wearing fluorescent orange, waterproof dog collar

How Can I Protect My Dog While Hunting?

Hunting is a quiet sport, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lonely one. Many hunters bring their dogs along not only for their acute senses but also for their loyal companionship. While remaining unseen on the trail can help you bag your prey, a lack of visibility might place your pet at risk from other hunters. However, with the proper dog collars, leashes, and strategies, they will remain safe, and you can focus on the hunt.


1. Schedule Midday Hunts

Wildlife will move around from dawn to dusk. By scheduling midday hunts, you can take advantage of the extra visibility and remain safe around other hunters. If the hunt should continue during sunset, the fluorescent and blaze orange apparel will help you and your dog remain visible to other people. 


2. Use Visibility Gear

Gearing up is part of every hunting trip. Dressing with prominent, fluorescent colors will help you and your pet remain visible to other people on the trail. While some hunters worry that the bright colors will alert wildlife, many animals have limited vision. White-tail deer have difficulty distinguishing between shades and can’t process colors like blaze orange, which is often used in hunting.

 Upland hunters also benefit from wearing fluorescent colors. Hunting with your dog usually means you’ll use an ambush strategy to flush birds out of the brush rather than luring them near. If you’re planning on that approach, the bright colors won’t negatively impact the hunt. 

Increase your dog’s visibility by investing in bright, sturdy dog collars and leashes. They afford pets the same increased protection as a human being’s fluorescent gear. The collars and leashes are also waterproof and made to withstand changes in weather or temperature. Your dog will be safe and comfortable while also complying with state laws.   

Dark brown dog sitting while on a bright orange leash and matching waterproof collar 

3. Keep Them Leashed

Experienced hunting dogs are less likely to wander off chasing scents or wildlife, but there are no guarantees. While a reliable recall can bring them to heel, there’s still a chance that they might fall into another hunter’s trap. Keeping them on a leash will prevent them from taking off while also increasing their visibility with a bright tether.

Additionally, it’s best to keep them leashed while they’re out exercising during hunting season. Portions of nearby rural or even public land can be used as legal hunting grounds depending on area wildlife populations. Reach out to your local wildlife services for more information.


4. Make Yourself Known

It’s common to encounter other hunters while out on the trail. While you may want to continue on your way quietly, it’s best to alert the other hunters to your presence. Whistling or having your dog bark will help differentiate you from the prey. It will gain the hunter’s attention and help prevent accidents from occurring.


Our reliable dog collars and accessories will help keep your pet visible and comfortable throughout the hunting season. For more information on our products and free shipping eligibility, call us at (904) 619-0577.

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