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How to Care for Your Leather Wallet

How should you care for your new leather wallet? Whether you recently bought (or were gifted) a bi-fold, trifold, front pocket, or checkbooks style wallet, take a look at what you need to know about leather care.

Do Empty Your Wallet First

Never attempt to completely clean your leather wallet with credit cards, your driver's license, money, or anything else inside. Not only could this result in damage to everything your wallet holds, but it could also leave the interior dusty or dirty. Place the contents of your wallet in a safe place before you start the cleaning process.

Don't Skip the Interior

Now that you've emptied your leather wallet, take the next step and clean the interior. This is an important part of the cleaning process — especially if you take your wallet on fishing trips, hikes, camping, or other outdoor adventures.

Open the wallet completely and shake out any loose debris, dirt, or dust. If leftover debris works its way into the corners or crevices, roll a small-sized microfiber or similar cloth. Twist the end and push it into the interior parts of the wallet.

Do Spot Test Your Cleaning Method

Before you drench your favorite leather trifold in a cleaning solution, try a test patch. Choose an inconspicuous area and dot your cleaner of choice onto the leather. If the cleaner discolors, damages, or warps the small-sized space, switch to another product.

Don't Jump to the Cleaner Step Too Fast

The interior of your wallet is completely clean and you've chosen the perfect product (based on your spot test). Are you ready to clean the exterior of your wallet? If your wallet has visible dust, dirt, dried mud, or any other debris, use a dry cloth to remove specks, chunks, or anything else on the surface of the leather. Avoid pulling, picking, or scraping debris off your wallet. This could scratch, pit, or damage the leather.

A dry cloth can also help you blot oil or damp spills. Lightly blot and lift the moisture from the surface. Don't scrub the oil or liquid into your leather wallet. This could result in permanent staining.

Do Choose the Right Cleanser

There isn't one universal cleaning product that works for every leather item. If your wallet came with cleaning instructions, use the care products the manufacturer recommends. But if the manufacturer doesn't provide this information, you'll need to choose a cleanser.

Some mild dish soap products can clean leather. However, this from-your-kitchen option won't always work on leather. This makes the test spot step an absolute necessity.

If you prefer a product made specifically for leather, explore commercially prepared options. Again, you still need to test these products on an inconspicuous spot. After you clean your wallet, prop the leather accessory on a flat surface and let it dry completely.

Don't Use the Wrong Product

While plenty of products can effectively and safely clean your leather wallet, some cleansers can cause major damage. If you don't want to buy a new wallet immediately, stay away from furniture polish, oils, ammonia, or cleaning solvents. Avoid anything abrasive. This can easily scratch the surface of your leather wallet.

Do Consider a New Wallet

What should you do if your wallet is beyond cleaning? Whether you dropped it into a muddy river while fishing, left your wallet too close to the campfire, or damaged it permanently in another way, you need to explore replacement options.

Do you need a new wallet right now? Contact Over Under Clothing for more information. We carry a wide selection of durable and quality leather wallets for you to choose from.

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