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How to Layer Men's Tops for Style or Warmth

Clothing layers work equally well as a fashionable look and for practical reasons. Layers allow people to add or remove clothing as needed to stay comfortable in the weather. Know how to achieve the right layered look to avoid awkwardness and too much bulk. Here are several tips to help you start layering clothing confidently. 

Dress for Weather

Layers enable outdoor adventurers to stay comfortable in a wide range of weather conditions. The rules for layering for practicality mean choosing three layers of clothing: the foundation layer, a middle layer, and the outer item. The items can come off individually as needed, or the top layer can replace the middle one depending on the conditions.

The function of the bottom layer is to keep the skin dry. The foundation lays directly against the skin and should be from a fast-drying material that pulls the sweat away from the body.

The middle layer is for warmth. The item needs to remain loose enough to allow airflow and enable evaporation of the moisture from the first layer. 

The final layer is an outer layer that protects against the wind, rain, or snow. In wet weather, choose an outer layer that offers water resistance but that also insulates the body even when it becomes damp.

Follow Basic Suggestions

Men's fashion has included the layered look for hundreds of years with the idea of including a coat over a waistcoat and shirt. Clothing styles have changed, but the changes have made it even easier to layer for style. The basic rule to follow is to go from thick to thin on fabric weights and short to long on shirt lengths.

Every item for layering should be something you would wear on its own. Avoid any shirt that is too tight, stained, or otherwise unacceptable alone. Choose only one boldly colored item at a time. Like dressing for the weather, layering for style is best when it includes three items but is not required, and two pieces or four pieces can often work well too.

You can pair patterned clothing, but the patterns should not be an exact match. For example, choose a top with thin stripes to pair with another shirt with thick stripes, or mix a large check with a small check. Many experts recommend that people use items from the same color palette for all patterned pieces to prevent the outfit from being too eye-straining.

Layer With Purpose

Many men want layers as a part of their weekend wear. The goal is to have a comfortable outfit that looks good but is not too fussy. The simplest option is a basic t-shirt topped by a button-up shirt and finished with a casual jacket or even a fleece vest. A graphic tee under a plain shirt or a basic white t-shirt under any patterned button-up is an easy option.

Use a blazer or even a cardigan as the top layer when striving for a more professional look. The base layer in dressier styles can still include a basic t-shirt as long as it is free from visible graphic designs. The middle layer can include a buttoned shirt, a cardigan (button up or pullover), or a polo shirt. Many men still choose waistcoats as the middle layer for business dress.

Layering clothing takes some practice before people know what looks right and feels comfortable for them. At Over Under Clothing, we offer plenty of options for outdoor wear as well as casual looks. Check out our website to find the right items for your needs. We are also happy to answer your questions about any of our products.

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