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How to Socialize Your Puppy So You Can Take Them Nearly Anywhere

Having a puppy is a wonderful experience. You get to add a canine companion to your everyday activities, such as hiking, going to the park and even outdoor sports events.

The key to being able to take your puppy everywhere lies in socializing them young. Here are tips to socializing your new pup so they can be a forever companion anywhere you go.

Keep Your Puppy Vaccinated

The first way to socialize your pup is to make sure they are vaccinated against potentially dangerous (and contagious) diseases. You want to vaccinate your new puppy against certain types of worms and make sure they get the "kennel cough" and rabies vaccines.

Vaccinations not only help prevent your puppy from getting sick when they socialize with other dogs that may carry disease. These shots help your pet live a longer, healthier life, and so giving your dog these vaccinations is the responsible thing for you to do as a pet owner. Your puppy's vet can give you a vaccination chart to show you when your dog needs their shots and what they help prevent.

Expose Your Puppy to New People at Home

Because your home is the most comforting place for your puppy to be, bring all kinds of people to your home for them to meet. Expose your puppy to children, babies, teenagers, adults and seniors. You want your puppy to play with (and be around) people of both genders so they know that all types of people are friendly and welcome.

Remember that your pup is still learning how to play and interact, so they may bite, yip or tug at people. Always watch them closely when they play with small children as your puppy can accidentally scratch or tug too hard on a child. Children should also be closely monitored so they don't accidentally harm your puppy while picking them up or playing with them.

The more positive interaction your puppy gets at a young age at home, the more confident they will be when you take them outdoors to certain events. Always train your puppy for socialization at home before taking them to a sporting event or other activity to prevent overwhelming or frightening them.

Leash Train Your Puppy

Leash training is one of the most effective ways to ready your dog for outside interaction. You should begin this training as soon as your puppy starts to come to certain commands or the sound of your voice.

You want to leash train your puppy whether you plan on walking them on-leash in public or off a leash by your side. Leash training teaches your dog to walk close to you without running off or being distracted, which is essential to making them an ideal everywhere companion.

You can buy leashes and collars at your local outdoor supply store. If your puppy is a puller, invest in a harness rather than a collar so you can gain more control of your puppy. Some dogs are allergic to nylon, so it may be wise to invest in hemp or leather leashes and collars over classic nylon.

If you notice odd behaviors in your puppy when you are attempting to socialize them, such as shying away from loud or excited noises, preferring one gender over another in people or other unsavory actions, take your puppy to your vet or your local dog trainer for advice. Associates at a pet supply store can help you choose the right training tools to make your puppy more social.

You want to be able to take your puppy many places, and starting young with their training can make them excellent companions throughout life. At Over Under Clothing, we can help you buy the gear you need to keep you and your dog comfortable and safe for nearly any type of adventure.

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