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How to Wear Your Baseball Cap With Confidence

Caps are simple accessories but choosing a favorite can be a lot harder than most people anticipate. Picking out the right cap, the one that genuinely highlights your style and complements your overall look, all comes down to figuring out your face shape and then matching the hat to your everyday wear.

We'll show you how to rock your baseball cap in a way that makes a true fashion statement.

Know About the Baseball Cap

The modern baseball cap is modeled after the original Brooklyn-style baseball cap first won by stars such as Candy Cummings and Jim Creighton of Brooklyn Excelsiors, a 1840s amateur baseball team.

Close to two centuries later, the iconic cap has become an integral part of the modern wardrobe, not just for hip-hop fashion beasts but also for the average American who spots the baseball cap for work or leisure.

Keep It Neutral

If you are not too sure what color of a cap will suit your overall look, stick to monochromes - blacks, blues, whites, and grays. These typically blend well both with workwear and smart casual clothing.

You could flawlessly achieve a chic look by pairing chinos with a plain shirt and completing the look with a baseball cap in either black or white. Throw on a clean-cut denim jacket in the same color range, and you're on your way to being a classic man.

Suit Up

A blazer with a baseball cap? This is a tricky combination but one you can pull off with a little creativity and versatility.

Because the baseball cap is primarily casual wear, you want to keep up with this casual edge by donning a pair of jeans and throwing on a shirt and a blazer for a more mature style. A grey or black cap will thoroughly complement this particular ensemble.

Rock Dad's Hat

With celebrities still rocking dad hats, this unpadded type of baseball cap doesn't seem to go out of fashion. Unlike your typical baseball cap, dad hats are one color, made of cotton and tend to be unstructured. This is as laid back as a cap can get so keep this look consistent with equally laid-back clothes such as black denim or chinos and top this off with a staple jacket.

If you go down this road, always stick to a nondescript pair of trainers. 

Truck Your Hat

Like dad hats, trucker hats continue to be a staple among stars and Average Joes. Trucker hats nestle between the classic baseball cap and the snapback only that they are distinguished by their mesh paneling. If you are just getting started with this brand of hats, go for plain styles with a simple frontal logo.

Headgear veterans can go all-out with their trucker hats - bright colors, conspicuous designs, eyecatching logos.

Play With Different Material

Most baseball caps out there are made of cotton or a mix of cotton and polyester. But these are not the only available options, and you should spice your collection with a few additions such as corduroy and denim, which seem to be perpetually on trend.

If you want to make a real fashion statement, a good rule of thumb is to keep your outfit low-key so you can allow your headwear to take center stage.

Whether you opt for a beat-up dad cap or a stylish, monochromatic classic baseball cap, your headgear speaks volumes about your personality and sense of style. The secret to looking outstanding in a baseball hat is choosing outfits that not only make you feel confident but that blend well with your headgear too. Follow these tips and you'll be on your way to styling your baseball cap like a pro.

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