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It's In the Bag: The Best Bags to Flatter Your Shape

Make everyday living easier and more stylish with quality bags that flatter the form and fit your lifestyle. A great bag is far more than an accessory; it is an essential piece that makes a bold fashion statement. Before spending money on purses, bags, and clutches, know what to look for when shopping for your bags and which ones will work best for you!

Tall Buyers

When it comes to choosing the best bag for your shape, consider different handbag styles that you may not have used before. Tall, lean individuals can get away with a larger bag of any size or shape, though they may want to stay away from anything too tiny. Someone with broad shoulders may want to opt for a bag with a rounded, curved shape for the most flattering look.  

Larger Silhouettes

A portfolio or messenger bag works well for men and women of all body sizes and shapes, as long as the strap is adjustable. The rectangular shape flatters curvy or larger buyers, and these bags are ultraversatile. Curvy or stocky buyers should look for angular bags, like the Highlander handbag.

A good rule of thumb for men is to buy the smallest bag that can accommodate your belongings to ensure it doesn't distract from the rest of your appearance.

Shorter Consumers

Choose a longer, more vertical bag with tailored details and accents for the most flattering and chic style. You really can't go wrong with a classic tote bag; a quality tote is also ideal for plus-size or shorter buyers as it adds the illusion of height.

Another advantage of a tote is that it typically is compartmentalized and will have dedicated space for all of the everyday items that you want to carry without the bulk or heft of other handbags.

Athletic Body Types

Muscular and athletic body types should consider a stylish duffle; the shape is flattering, and duffle bags are very utilitarian in nature. Look for quality duffle bags made from high-end materials like cottoncanvas, leather, and suede, for longevity and easy maintenance. Another perk is that duffle bags are inherently shaped to fit easily into lockers for storage at the gym, office, or another venue.

Buying Tips

You might be overwhelmed by your choices when you look for a stylish bag. Consider the following tips while you're shopping:

  • Shift attention away from problem areas, such as hips or thighs, with bags that are medium-sized and vibrant or colorful. Choose bags that can also be adapted to wear under the arm for the best silhouette.
  • Typically, a good rule to follow is that you wear bags that contrast the features of your body in natural or neutral shades.
  • Cross-body bags work for most body types, as long as they are not too small. Consider cross-body bags that rest on the hip and that are big enough for your basic essentials and necessities.

Investing in quality-made bags is always a wise way to augment and change up your wardrobe and look without spending a fortune. The right bag can really make or break your overall appearance; use these tips to guide you when choosing a new bag or accessory item to augment your wardrobe.

Want to look your very best? Check out quality bags and products that can bring a slew of style opportunities to your existing wardrobe, closet, or apparel. Make sure to buy bags made from high-end materials that will last for years to come, as a decent bag is an investment. Consider the right shapes and sizes for your everyday life, as well as the best bags to flatter and complement your figure.

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