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Outdoor Activities to Bring Your Dog To

Dogs are man's best friends. And you want to take your BFF with you just about wherever you go. If you subscribe to the mantra have dog, will travel, chances are that you're looking for a few outdoorsy adventures to tackle - with your pup by your side.

While Fido can't exactly repel off a bridge, rock climb or water ski (except in the movies, of course), that doesn't mean you have to leave your furry best bud at home. If you're an outdoors adventurer, take a look at some of these activities that are perfect for bringing your dog along with you.

Keep in mind, not every dog is the same. While some dogs may adore these activities, others may not care (or may dislike them). Also, your dog's age and physical condition play a major part in what your dog can and can't do. If your dog has health issues or the vet thinks he's too old, take caution and consider a low-key or indoor idea instead.


If your dog enjoys the water, fishing with your furry best friend is an activity that you can both enjoy. While you get in an afternoon (or entire day) of fishing, your dog can hang by your side; romp around the river, stream or lake banks; or go for a dip. Of course, a splashing dog who is paddling or wading through the water is likely to disturb the fish that you're looking for. But that doesn't mean you can't take a break now and then for some water-logged puppy fun.

Before you let your dog loose in any fishing spot, always remain courteous to other people around you. Even though plenty of people love dogs, a pup who is loudly barking, swimming or in some other way chasing the fish away probably isn't welcome. Ask first before letting your dog run free in the area where you plan to fish. If you have some objectors, simply find a new place.

Running or Jogging

Your dog needs daily exercise. Physical activity can help your pooch to stay healthy and avoid becoming overweight. It can also help to relieve or prevent boredom and possible destructive behaviors. If your dog chews or tears apart your clothes, shoes and furniture, getting him active may help.

Instead of taking a slow walk with your dog every day, bring your dog along on a run or a jog. Even though some dogs are perfectly fine running alongside their human, you don't want to risk your pet taking off at the first sight of something interesting. Yes, your dog may listen to you - at least most of the time. But that doesn't mean they won't bolt when a bunny hops in front of their path or they spot another dog nearby.

Make sure that your dog has a leash and collar (with tags, just in case) every time you go out for a run or jog together.


A weekend getaway to the great outdoors can include your best canine pal. Your dog can hike by your side - with a leash on - and sleep in the tent with you. Taking your pup along with you on a camping trip is the perfect solution for outdoorsy pet owners who don't want to leave their pups at the kennel while they get out of town.

Are you planning an outdoors excursion and bringing your dog along? Outfit your precious pup with a durable, new collar and leash before you head out. Over Under Clothing has plenty of collar and leash options to fit your dog's needs. 

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