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Storing Items in Fishing Jackets: What You Need to Know

As an avid fisher, you want high-quality clothing that serves multiple purposes. For example, you want a jacket that not only keeps you warm and comfortable but also holds a variety of gear. If you’re looking for a fishing jacket, learn about the benefits of these jackets and how to store items safely in one. 

What Items Can You Store?

A great fishing jacket is a comfortable piece of fishing gear that not only looks good but also keeps you warm in colder temperatures. They can also store a surprisingly diverse array of items in their many pockets. Just a few that you should consider carrying in your jacket include:

  • Extra hooks You never know when your line is going to snap and when you're going to need a hook to replace one that you just lost. 
  • Multiple lures – If you aren't having much luck with one bait, pull out a handful of replacement ones from your jacket to improve your chances. 
  • Bobbers and sinkers – These items are critical for success in fishing, and having them close at hand ensures you can easily adjust your line height in the water. 
  • Pliers – A small pair of needle-nose pliers is handy in your jacket pocket because you may need them to remove lures, bobbers, sinkers, or other fishing items. 
  • Other items – Snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, and electronic items like cell phones fit comfortably in most fishing jackets and are nice to have on hand. 

These items are just a handful of what you can store in your jacket. You may also want to place a folding rain jacket inside of one pocket just in case it starts to rain. Essentially, a fishing jacket can store items that you need immediately and which you don't want to fuss around within your fishing box instead. 

How Do You Store Them Safely?

Although your jacket will have many pockets where you can store a variety of items, you need to make sure that they are adequately prepared to ensure maximum safety. The following tips will keep your fishing gear safe from getting tangled up and prevent it from cutting into your skin or otherwise impacting your health during a fishing trip:

  • Store items in medicine bottles – Place heavy or sharp objects in used medicine bottles and seal the tops to keep them from leaking. Put these bottles in extra pockets in your jacket.
  • Avoid problems with cotton balls – Stuff cotton balls or some bubble wrap into each medicine bottle to keep your fishing gear from getting tied up or attached.
  • Place bottles in plastic bags – Find high-quality waterproof plastic bags and store all of your medicine bottles in these bags. Seal each bag up and put them in another container to keep them extra protected. 
  • Choose your pockets carefully – Select the pockets on your jacket that feel safest, like the ones on the chest, and store your more delicate items here to avoid items falling into the water.

When storing items in your fishing jacket, try to focus on only a handful to ensure that you aren't too overwhelmed or weighed down. For example, things like heavy fishing line can either stay in your truck or sit in your tackle box. Trying to juggle it in your fishing jacket may be a mistake. Instead, place items you anticipate on needing on hand – such as extra hooks – in your jacket pockets. 

How Do You Find the Right Jacket?

If you're an avid fisher and you want a robust and reliable jacket that will hold your gear safely, please don't hesitate to contact us at Over Under Clothing right away to learn more. We offer high-quality jackets built for the rugged outdoor enthusiast who wants reliable items that match their tough and vigorous lifestyle.

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