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Supplies You Need For Exercising With Your Dog

It's recommended to walk your dog at least 30 minutes a day every day, although you can walk them for longer periods of time if you have a very active canine companion or they need extra exercise to keep their joints limber and weight in check.

Whether you walk your dog around the block, at the local dog park, or out in the country, you need to be prepared. Here are just some of the supplies you need to keep handy so you can have a safe and enjoyable experience no matter when and where you choose to walk your furry friend.

Leash and Collar/Harness

It's important that you have the ability to restrain and manage your dog at all times, even if they are not known to wander or be aggressive. When buying a leash and collar (or a harness if your dog is very small or they like to pull), you need to make sure you buy accessories that are highly visible at night, are hard to chew through, and offer comfort for your dog.

Invest in a leash that is not retractable so you can control the distance between you and your dog when you are walking near traffic or around other people and pets.

 Nylon, hemp, and leather leash and collars are common, so choose a material that meets your dog's needs best (leather is great option if your dog likes to chew on their leash). Collars and leashes should be bright and reflective so your dog can be seen even in the dark for added safety.

Treats and Water

Treats are essential for dog walking, particularly if you need something to keep your canine companion distracted when they are in a noisy environment. Invest in treats that offer protein and are full of natural ingredients, such as banana, peanut butter, blueberries, or fresh meats.

You should always carry a bottle of fresh water for your dog as well so they can get a quick drink when they are thirsty. You can buy collapsible treat and water bowls that you can easily fit in a fanny pack or small carry bag so you can refresh with your dog during your walking breaks.


While the pads on the bottom of your dog's feet are designed to withstand certain terrain and temperature changes, their foot pads can still be injured by extreme heat, cold or even rocky surfaces. Pad tears can be hard to treat and can lead to debilitating scarring, so it's best to prevent these injuries by investing in boots your dog can wear.

Place boots on your dog if you are walking them on pavement during the summer or ice in the winter. You will also want them to wear boots if you are taking them hiking over rocks or near plants with stickers in them to help keep your dog's feet protected. Your pet supplier can help you choose comfortable boots that will fit your dog's size best.

Supplies YOU Need

Your dog isn't the only one who needs special supplies when they are out on a walk, you need to make sure you are prepared as well. Your outdoor supply retailer can outfit you with lightweight cotton clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable in all weather. Ask about small beacons you can clip onto your belt or shirt to help illuminate you when you are walking your canine friend at night for added protection.

Walking with your dog is an excellent way to spend time with them and keep them healthy. We have a large supply of human and dog supplies at Over Under Clothing to make your pet bonding adventures fun and safe.

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