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Supplies Your Aging, Arthritic Dog Needs

Arthritis is not just an ailment you see people suffering from — dogs get arthritis too. Older dogs, in particular, are prone to some kind of arthritis, and as much as 90 percent of senior dogs suffer from a joint-stiffening condition. Your goal is to keep your arthritic dog as comfortable and active as possible so they can continue to live a full and happy life.

While there is no cure for arthritis, and treatments don't make the disease go away completely, you alleviate your dog's symptoms and bring them relief by encouraging exercise, taking them to the vet regularly for treatments, and giving them foods that contain fish oil, which is known for reducing joint inflammation and deterioration.

You can also keep special supplies around the house to make everything much easier for your canine buddy. From feeding dishes to cozy beds, here is a list of items you need in your home to give your furry best friend the comfort and joy they deserve.

A Harness That Lifts and Supports Your Dog

A lifting harness is a special type of harness that supports your dog's front or hind legs where they lack joint movement or feeling on their own. The harness has a handle on its top (above your dog's spine), allowing you to be your dog's support without actually having to carry them yourself.

This harness can be used to gently maneuver your aging pet outside to relieve themselves or to take your dog on walks if they have some mobility but not strong enough for long walks. There are also harnesses that can be attached to wheels (a doggy wheelchair of sorts) so your canine companion can walk around on his or her own.

A Dog Ramp

A folding ramp comes in handy in many ways, from loading small equipment or supplies into your truck to creating a bridge across muddy tracks. Ramps also allow your dog to have easy access to your vehicle, bed, or even the front porch.

Jumping to a high place or walking up steps can be jarring for your dog's inflamed and stiff joints, but your dog probably doesn't want to feel isolated from the rest of the family. A ramp gains your dog access to all their favorite places. Choose a folding ramp that is easy to store in the trunk of your car or under your bed for when your dog needs it.

A Special Dog Bed

As dogs age, they’ll probably want to spend the majority of their time sleeping. Your dog has earned the right to sleep most of their day away on a comfortable bed.

Consider a down-filled dog bed with a memory foam topper; unless your dog is a chewer, in this case, opt for a child's crib mattress instead. You can also select a gel-filled topper for a classic, comfortable bed you’ll dog will use to snooze the day away.

Buy a dog bed for the size of your dog, allowing for space so they can stretch their limbs without touching the ground. Your pet and outdoor supplies expert will help you choose a dog bed your canine companion will love to snore on.

Arthritis doesn't have to be debilitating for your dog. You want your pooch to remain happy, energetic, and healthy. Luckily, there are many ways you can contribute to their overall comfort. Speak to your veterinarian if you have immediate concerns about your dog's health.

Buying supplies designed to increase mobility and ease your dog's pain is one way you can make their arthritis symptoms less severe. Our inventory for dogs at Over Under Clothing is sure to meet your furry friend's needs. We love your canine friend nearly as much as you do; allow our staff to assist you in your shopping today.

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