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The Best Bags for Travel

Traveling is your life. When you get the opportunity to take off, whether it's for an overnight, weekend or longer, you pack your bags and jump at the chance to experience your next adventure.

However, before you ever reach the boarding gate, get behind the wheel of your car, or get set for a train ride, you need to organize your clothing and other gear.

Whether you need a large space to keep your weekend sports gear straight, a tote to carry around your stuff, or something smaller to use as a clever carry-on, take a look at the top bags that will make your travels easier.

Duffle Bags

A weekend getaway may not require a full suitcase. If you're looking to save space and stash smaller travel items away at the same time, then a duffle bag may be the ultimate answer to your packing questions.

Not only can you fold or roll your clothes and easily store them in the main compartment, but also most duffle bags provide plenty of extra pockets for smaller items. This means you can pack your travel toothbrush, a shaving kit, a makeup bag, other toiletries, or anything else in the pockets. You'll have easy access to these items and won't have to worry as much about a fountain of toothpaste gushing over your khakis.

Along with the packing possibilities, a duffle bag's soft style makes it easy to fit into a small space. So go ahead and squeeze your bag into the backseat or push it into the corner of your trunk.

A duffle isn't just easy to travel with, it's also a durable option. If you're headed on a camping or fishing trip, then a duffle bag is the perfect type of luggage to bring on an outdoor excursion. Duffle bags are rugged - they stand up well to the elements and they fit easily into a tent.

Tote Bags

While a tote may not practical as your main type of luggage, it can come in handy during your travels. Whether you're walking around town or toting the kids' towels during a lake vacation, this type of bag is roomy, easy to carry, and packs away nicely. In addition, you can carry plenty in a tote onto an airplane. This eliminates the chance of the airline losing your bag.

Even though there are many bags that are durable enough to take on a camping trip or hardy enough to bring along to another outdoorsy adventure, a tote is also stylish. The unique style aspect of a tote makes it truly versatile. You can transform your beach bag that's filled with towels, sunscreen, and flip flops during the day, into a pretty purse for an evening out on the boardwalk.

Cross-Body Handbags

Don't let the dainty name 'handbag' fool you. This carry-all doesn't have to be. Obviously, you wouldn't pack a week's worth of clothes in a handbag. There's clearly not enough room for that. However, you can take the bag on a plane as a convenient carry-on or use it during your trip to store smaller-sized belongings like tickets to events or small souvenirs.  

Choosing a cross-body model gives you a better hold on the bag, alleviating some of the pressure that can result from holding a bag on one shoulder all day long. Beyond this, the cross-body style also gives you the ability to take control of the bag, holding it close to you. This allows you to keep your wallet, a passport or anything else of value out of anyone else's reach.

Do you need a new bag for your next trip? Over Under Clothing has styles to suit every traveler's needs. Take a look at our inventory today.

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