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The Best Winter-Time Birthday Gifts for an Outdoorsy Guy

Does the special guy in your life have a winter-time birthday? If you're not sure what to get your active, outdoorsy spouse, brother, friend, or father, take a look at the top birthday gifts for the winter season.

Outerwear Options

The winter-time outdoors adventurer needs a warm outer layer to protect him from the elements. Even though it may seem like any thick or puffy jacket will do, not all outer wear options are made the same. To choose the best present for the birthday man look for:

  • A waxed exterior. Rain, snow, sleet, and ice won't just roll off every type of men's jacket. But if you outfit your guy in a waxed jacket, he'll have added protection on damp or wet days. The wax acts as a repellent, keeping the rest of the coat (and the person wearing it) dry.
  • Fitted wrist cuffs. Keep the draft out of the arm area with fitted wrist cuffs or adjustable closures. Not only will this winter outerwear option keep the cold away, it can reduce the likelihood chilly stream water or snow will end up inside the birthday guy's coat.
  • A layered system. An active man can get warm on a chilly day outdoors. A layered outerwear system (with an exterior jacket and interior vest) can keep him comfortable under almost every condition. Choose coats with zippered vests or shells.
  • Plenty of accessories. From additional zippered pockets to a wading belt, the outdoors adventurer will need a coat that comes with plenty of accessories. Select accessories based on his activity preferences (such as fishing, hiking, or camping).

While function is a primary point to consider when you choose a coat as a birthday present, you also need to think about form (or the appearance and style). Some activities, such as hunting, may require a camo color with the addition of an orange safety accessory. If the activity doesn't play a role in the color or pattern choice, select a hue that the birthday guy enjoys.

Cotton Tee Choices

Even though the winter is a time for sweaters, coats, and other obviously warm clothing options, cotton tees can still make top gift picks. A long-sleeved cotton t-shirt is ideal for the birthday guy who:

  • Dresses in layers. A heavy sweater or flannel can keep the outdoorsy man warm. But it can also feel itchy on bare skin or make him sweat during a trek through the woods. A soft cotton tee is the perfect base layer for cool (not freezing) outdoors activities.
  • Also enjoys indoor activities. Does the guy in your life enjoy indoor adventurers as much as he likes outdoor activities? A long-sleeved cotton t-shirt easily transitions from the exterior to the interior — keeping him comfortable all day and night long.
  • Prefers warmer winter days. A long-sleeved t-shirt and a cozy vest is the perfect pairing for a warmer winter day spent outdoors. If the birthday guy enjoys temperate winter weather, a tee is a smart selection.
  • Enjoys the freedom and comfort. While some synthetic base layers are warm, these tight tops aren't always comfortable. If the man in your life prefers plenty of freedom to move easily, a cotton t-shirt is the best option.

Instead of one tee, choose a few different options. Gift your family member or friend with shirts in an array of color, patterns, styles, or designs. You can also add to the gift with another item to layer over the tee. Button downs, flannel shirts, and fleece vests are top layering choices.

Are you ready to put together the perfect present for an outdoorsy man? Contact Over Under Clothing for more information.

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