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The Family Summer Vacation: Packing for Your Kids

Summertime is filled with an abundance of outdoor adventures. And that means your whole family is out and about, traveling, and camping so they can take advantage of the summer sun. Along with sleeping bags, a family-sized tent, and your favorite fishing gear, this summer you'll need plenty of weather-perfect summer clothing choices - but not just for you.

Whether you're packing for a weekend getaway, a weeklong vacation, or an all-summer camping trip, you need the right apparel items for you and your children as well. While you don't need your child's entire closet, you do need certain clothes that will keep them completely comfortable in the sun, rain, and during a windy nighttime chill.

What should you pack for your child's summertime outdoor experience? Take a look at the must-haves that need to go into your kiddo's travel bag.

Tons of T-Shirts

The summer heat is making everyone sweat, including your child. Daytime play requires cool and comfortable clothing choices. Short-sleeved t-shirts provide the airy feel that your child will need during daytime hikes, bike rides, or fishing trips.

Not only are t-shirts ideal for the summer heat, but they're easy to pack and take with you. Forget about toting along hangers or having to use valuable space in your suitcase for your kiddo's clothing. Simply fold and roll the t-shirts into neat little cylinders. The fold and roll technique allows you to stack the shirts into neat rows, squeezing more clothing into your child's bag.

Keep in mind, one t-shirt per day might not cut it on your outdoor adventure vacation. From wading in a stream to running through muck and mud, your child will get wet, sweaty, and dirty during their trip - it's likely that they'll need to change clothes more than once each day.

Lots of Long-Sleeved Shirts

The same rule that you use when bringing tons of short-sleeved shirts also applies to long-sleeved shirts. Again, your child will need multiple changes during the course of the day.

Depending on where you're going, what you're doing, and what the weather conditions are like, chances are that your children will need long-sleeved (or cool weather) clothes too.

Why does your child need long-sleeved shirts during the height of the summer heat? Daytime hikes in potentially tick-filled wooded areas require plenty of protection. Along with insect repellent, socks, and tall boots, wearing long sleeves reduce the risk that a tick will bite your child.

Beyond protection from creepy crawlies, a long-sleeved shirt can keep your child warm during chilly nights around the campfire. A cotton t-shirt with long sleeves is perfect for layering under a snuggly sweater or a puffy vest. In addition, like the short-sleeved version, these shirts are absolutely easy to fold, roll, and pack.

A Couple of Caps

Protecting your child from the summer sun's rays will keep them comfortable and cool while reducing the risks of damaging UV rays. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is the first step to keeping your child sun-safe. Other ways you can keep your kids safe include sunglasses (which can shield their eyes) and a broad-brimmed hat (which can keep your child in the shade).

Baseball hats are easy picks that have a youthful appearance. These hats also have a visor that shields your child's eyes and face during a day at the park, pool, beach, stream, or any other outdoor environment.

When choosing a baseball hat, think about what will shield your child's eyes (and face) while still keeping them cool. A mesh back baseball cap does exactly this.

Do you need to outfit your child, and yourself, for your next outdoorsy outing? Visit Over Under for more information on our summer and outdoor apparel.

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