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The Guy's Guide to Buying and Wearing T-Shirts

The T-shirt is not just another piece of clothing. It is a staple in most American wardrobes. Available since the end of the 19th century, the comfortable and simple top has appealed to both genders equally. Today, 95 percent of Americans own a T-shirt and they wear one at least once a week. Here are some T-shirt style tips for men to help you to look your best. 

Get the Fit

A T-shirt cannot flatter someone unless it fits correctly, so know how to choose the right size and style for your body shape. Buy T-shirts in the correct size rather than purchasing a larger or smaller shirt than needed in order to get a slim or loose fit. Choose a slim fit, elasticized T-shirt to highlight muscles and a loose fit cotton shirt for a relaxed, baggy look.

Avoid baggy tops if you are on the heavy side as it will only make you look larger and potentially sloppy. Instead, choose a fitted tee that is extra-long to ensure full coverage of the belly. Thin men that want to add a little style to their wardrobe can select a baggy T-shirt, but pair it with slim fit jeans or narrow athletic pants to avoid an oversized, messy look.  

Choose a Color

The standard white T-shirt is versatile and should be in every wardrobe, but there are many other colors to consider as well. The basic colors of navy, black, and gray are excellent choices because they are subdued colored tops that can be paired with chinos and a blazer or used to top off a pair of athletic pants or a pair of jeans.

You can choose the right shade if you would like to make your wardrobe more versatile by adding less common color choices. The key is to choose tops that work with the skin tone. Warm skin tones are those that have veins that appear green. When the veins are blue, the skin tone is considered cool.

Cool skin tones usually look best in green, blue, purple, and burgundy. Warm skins tones are accented by earthy shades like yellow, orange, and brown. Olive greens and yellowish-green shades also complement warm skin.  

Decide on Design

Most men choose to stick with solid t-shirts rather than stripes or other designs. There is no strict rule about patterns versus solids as this is about personal preference only. Another consideration is graphic tees that contain logos or other artwork. Most experts recommend only wearing these shirts in the most casual situations.

Keep It Clean

Many people fall into the trap of getting a little too casual when wearing T-shirts. Many people enjoy pairing them with battered boots or sneakers and ripped jeans. This should be avoided unless you are doing physical labor. For the best look, throw out T-shirts that have become faded, are threadbare, have holes, or have stretched-out and shapeless material.

Repurpose Old Shirts

Many men have a favorite T-shirt or a lucky shirt, but a deep, abiding love for a great tee is no excuse for wearing a shirt that is past its prime. If desperate to preserve a special shirt, look to the internet for better ideas. Make an old T-shirt into a pillow, frame the graphics, or have it and all others of its vintage made into a unique quilt.

T-shirts are perfect to wear on their own, under a flannel shirt or jacket, or to layer under a dress shirt. We know that sporting lifestyles rely on comfortable, durable clothes, and nothing meets that standard like a great T-shirt.  All closets should contain at least a few of these convenient and stylish tops. Add to your collection with picks from Over Under Clothing.

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