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The Top Leather Gifts for the Man in Your Life

What should you get the special guy in your life? Whether you're on the hunt for a birthday, anniversary, or general gift, take a look at the top leather picks for the adventurous man.

Leather Hat

Does your man already have a dozen baseball hats? If he could wear a different canvas cap every day of the week, he probably doesn't need more of the same style. Instead, gift him with something totally different and choose a leather Outback hat. This handsome brimmed hat option:

  • Provides protection. An avid outdoorsman needs a hat with a brim to shield his face from the sun's damaging UV rays. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a darker hat without holes may provide better UV protection.
  • Serves up style. An Outback style hat is a stylish pick that will set your guy apart from the pack.
  • Is durable. This type of leather hat will last for years to come.
  • Is comfortable. Choose a leather Outback hat with a padded sweatband for added comfort.

If a broad-brimmed hat just isn't his style or you want to compliment this perfect present with another leather gift, you have plenty of accessory options.

Leather Accessories

What does your guy's old, flimsy woven wallet say about him? If his wallet has seen better days, or you just want to upgrade his existing accessories, consider these popular gift ideas:

  • Leather bi-fold wallet. This timeless pick is classic and pairs perfectly with almost any outfit — whether he's on an outdoor adventure or at work.
  • Leather checkbook wallet. This larger wallet can carry his credit cards, license, and an entire checkbook too.
  • Leather front-pocket wallet. If your guy prefers a smaller-sized wallet, a front-pocket option is the perfect pint-sized pick for a birthday, anniversary, or random present.
  • Money clip. He may not need an entire wallet to handle his funds. A leather money clip is an elegant alternative to a metal or plastic version.
  • Passport carrier. Does he enjoy overseas travel? If your guy is on the go (internationally), a leather passport holder provides stylish protection for this important document.

Along with these gift ideas, a leather business card holder is the perfect present. If your guy recently opened his own business or started a new job, this idea provides a secure (but stylish) place to stash his cash of cards.

Leather Bags

Does your man need an upgraded way to carry his laptop to work or bring his gear on a weekend retreat? If his bag of choice is less than stylish, consider these gifts:

  • Portfolio style bag. This over-the-shoulder carrying bag is the ideal place to store files or transport a laptop to work. While it isn't as formal as some structured briefcases, it still has a business-worthy look.
  • Leather duffle. Swap out your guy's old weekend duffle for a leather version. Not only is this a sturdy, durable bag, but it's also a luxurious piece of luggage he might not buy for himself. This isn't just your typical toss-and-go bag. A leather duffle is a true statement piece.
  • Leather-accented canvas duffle. Sometimes a full leather duffle isn't practical. If your man prefers canvas, a leather-accented duffle is an easy option. Heavy waxed canvas is a highly durable option. With leather handles and accents, the canvas is also stylish.

Which type of bag is right for the man in your life? It's possible he may need more than one. Choose a portfolio bag for weekday use and a durable duffle for weekend adventures.

Do you need an out-of-the-ordinary gift for your husband, boyfriend, or friend? Contact Over Under Clothing for leather gift ideas.

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