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These FallFinds Are AutumnUpgrades for Your Outdoor Wardrobe

Do you need to upgrade yourautumn outdoor wardrobe? Before you buy new shirts, vests, and more, take a look at the top fall finds to invest in this year.

Fall Flannel Shirts

Flannel is a cool-weather staple you may already have in your closet. But with the start of the new season, you can add to your flannel shirt stash with an assortment of bold new patterns and fall-hued colors.

To choose the perfect fall flannel shirt consider:

  • Weight. Unlike heavy middle-of-the-winter gear, your fall flannels won't have to protect you against the frigid outdoor temperatures. But if you plan to wear the shirt camping, fishing, or during another outdoorsy adventure, you'll want a medium-weight flannel to keep you warm.
  • Color. You never know when you'll need to go from an afternoon outdoors to an evening out on the town. Whether you want a highly stylized flannel or a basic shirt, choose a fall-themed color palette. Look for reds, oranges, olive greens, and browns.
  • Size and fit. You didn't need to wear much under a light weight summer shirt. Now that the cool weather is here, you may want to layer thermals or other tops under your flannel. Select a size that provides room for one or two base layers and still allows you to move easily.

Even though you don't need a heavyweight flannel for the fall, this type of thicker shirt can carry you through the winter months. If you don't want to restock your wardrobe next season, select a moderate-weight shirt that is comfortable in both the fall and winter weather.

Autumn Quilted Vests

A chilly fall morning or windy autumn night may require more than just a flannel to keep you warm. If you're not ready to get your heavy winter coat out of storage, a quilted vest adds an extra layer of protection for your outdoors activities.

The best vests for the fall weather should:

  • Have waterproofing. While the snow and ice are weeks or months away, your fall outdoors activities may include plenty of rain. A water-resistant vest can help keep you dry all day or night long.
  • Reduce chills from the wind. The vest should have a wind-blocking shell to keep you warm on those breezy fall adventures.
  • Fit easily over other layers. Again, layering is an easy way to keep warm in the fall weather. Make sure the vest has enough room to fit over your flannel or a sweater.

Like flannel shirts, you can also upgrade your autumn look with fall-themed color choices. A brown, tan, or rust-colored vest adds a seasonal style to your new outdoor-friendly wardrobe.

In-Between Weather Accessories

Now that you have a warm shirt and vest combo to wear outdoors, it's time to take the next step and accent your fall outdoor ensembles. Instead of the sandals, baseball hats, and shades you wore all summer long, fall weather means you need warmer accents.

If you're not sure how to dress up or add to your fall outdoor-wear, some of the top men's choices include:

  • A neck gaiter. Not only can you use this multi-functional accessory as a face covering, but you can also keep your neck warm on chilly fall days or hold your hair back in sweaty situations.
  • A sturdy belt. With your elastic-waisted shorts packed away until next summer, you may need a belt to go with your fall-weather cargo or utility pants. Choose a sturdy, durable, waterproof belt that will hold up (and hold your pants up) during autumn activities.
  • A leather hat. Keep the sun out of your eyes with a warm, leather-brimmed hat.

Along with these accessories, a leather bag is an option to explore. A burnt orange or deep brown leather duffle has the perfect fall style to match the rest of your autumn outdoor outfit. Do you need a new autumn wardrobe? Contact Over Under Clothing for more information.

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