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Tips for a Successful Urban Hike

An urban hike is an exciting adventure when you live in or visit a city. An urban hike allows you to see and explore many interesting locations of current and historical significance. Read on to learn how to plan and prepare for a great hike in an urban environment.

Plan Ahead

A city can have many interesting neighborhoods, architecture, and places of interest that are ripe for exploration. Research what is in the city where you will hike and use the internet to map your route.

Research an Urban Hike

If you currently live in a city, you can drive, take a taxi, or take public transportation to hike in an unfamiliar area. If you plan to visit an unknown city, research what sites are within walking distance from where you will stay.

Dress in Layers of Lightweight Clothing

When you take an urban hike, wear several base layers of clothing to accommodate unexpected weather, a changing environment, and getting warm while you hike. Choose soft fabrics with natural fibers like cotton or flannel to wick away moisture and heat from your body.

Wear Two Shirts With Different Sleeve Lengths -When you hike, wear a t-shirt under a flannel or cotton shirt that has one or two pockets. If you get warm during your hike, remove your top shirt to cool off.

Wear Comfortable Pants - The pants that you wear should fit you well and have some stretch in them. Wear them with a leather or cotton belt to adjust the waist of your pants as needed.

Choose pants with front and back pockets to carry small items like your keys. Make sure that your pants are long enough to tuck into your shoes or boots when desired.

Wear Walking Shoes or Hiking Boots

One important component of an urban hike is a good pair of walking shoes or hiking boots. Wear shoes or boots that you have worn before and fit you well.

Bring Refreshments

When you take an urban hike, bring refreshments such as granola bars, beef jerky, roasted nuts, or dried fruit. Also, bring a bottle of drinking water and refill it when you find a restaurant, store, or water fountain on your route.

Bring a Light Jacket or Vest

As you plan and prepare for your urban hike, check the weather prediction for the date, time, and location where you will hike. If there is a chance of wind or other weather, bring along a light jacket or a vest.

Use a Lightweight Cloth Backpack

A lightweight cloth backpack is an essential accessory on an urban hike. Use it to carry your identification, a small amount of money, an area map, a booklet of needed phone numbers and addresses, and a basic first aid kit. You can also use it to carry your jacket and any clothing that you remove while hiking.

Wear a Hat

When you hike, always wear a hat with a brim to protect you from the UV rays of the sun. This can be a baseball cap or a hat with a brim that shields your face and the back of your neck.

Bring Other Accessories

In addition to the above accessories, bring a cell phone that is fully charged. Take along a list of important phone numbers that you may need such as a taxi company, your hotel or motel, and the main number for any bus that you may take.

You can take a unique urban hike in a city where you live or any city that you visit. To plan and prepare for any hike, come to Over Under Clothing or visit us on the internet. We have a great selection of clothing and accessories that you can use for an unforgettable urban hike.
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