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Travel in Comfort: A Guy's Guide for Airplane-Appropriate Clothing

Every flight includes a certain amount of irritation. Delays occur at the ticket counter, security checkpoints, and even take place on the runway. Crowded airport terminals and planes, uncomfortable seating, and much more can make the process exhausting. You may not realize it, but what you wear can either add to the frustration or make it all a little easier to endure.

Layer Your Shirts

A lightweight cotton t-shirt underneath a comfortable button-down shirt looks stylish and allows you to stay comfortable in a wider range of temperatures. A long-sleeved tee as the bottom layer ensures warmth in cooler temperatures. Make certain at least one top has pockets for a convenient and easily accessible location for boarding passes or a passport.

If flying to a cold climate, consider a button-down shirt in a warm fabric like moleskin or flannel. The material is unlikely to wrinkle during a long flight, and it is warm enough to avoid the need for a bulky jacket until exiting the airport. A jacket will slow down security screening, as TSA agents typically make passengers remove bulky clothing items during screening.

Choose Comfortable Pants

Comfort matters, so choose a pair of pants that do not pinch or bind anywhere while sitting. Pay attention to the excess room around the waist. You do not want to wear pants so large they slide down, but nearly everyone experiences some bloat when flying because of air pressure changes. An extra inch or two of room around the waist ensures comfort.

Jeans do not wrinkle easily and are a good all-purpose clothing choice, but they are not the only option. Cotton canvas pants with a touch of spandex enable good airflow to prevent overheating. The spandex allows the fabric to have the amount of stretch necessary to fit properly when standing and to not become constricted when seated.

Select Shoes

The plan for your trip may include a lot of hiking, but do not save space in your suitcase by wearing hiking boots to the airport. A slip-on shoe of any type will make it much faster and easier to get through security checkpoints. Make certain to wear socks with whatever shoes you choose because they will protect your feet from the potentially germy airport floor.

Plan for Accessories

The most important accessory is a carry-on bag. Select something durable, roomy, and distinctive. A bag that stands out from those brought by fellow passengers is easier to find in the overhead compartment when you need to disembark. Unique luggage will also make it faster to find your suitcase once you arrive.

Pack your belt in your travel bag rather than wearing the belt for the flight. Security screening requires the removal of belts and shoes, so avoid the hassle and wait until you reach your destination to put on your belt. Do the same with jewelry because each time you remove rings, watches, or other jewelry, it is at risk of becoming forgotten or lost.

Include a pair of sunglasses in your carry-on. Exposure to low-level ozone is common on some flights, especially long flights. The exposure is not usually dangerous, but it can cause dry eyes, as can the lack of rest that occurs commonly during travel. Dark airplane cabins and airport terminals can also make it uncomfortable to be in the bright sunshine once outside.

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