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Wallets 101: What You Should Carry and Why

Many men seem to select a wallet as an afterthought. They grab what is available and move on. As people increasingly stray away from using cash, a wallet may seem unnecessary. That is unfortunate because a wallet is an accessory that offers security, convenience and style. Here is how to choose the right one and fill it properly.

Look for Quality

A good quality wallet helps a man look perfectly put together, even when he is in a t-shirt and jeans. Carrying a stylishly made leather wallet gives the man an air of masculinity and success. A leather wallet is the perfect choice of material because it looks elegant, is timeless and is even more attractive as it ages.

Choose Based on Location

The traditional back pocket folding wallet is not the only option available. A front pocket wallet may appeal to active people that worry about losing items out of a back pocket while they are busy. A frontpocket design is less bulky and is also a good choice for people that frequent areas where pickpocketing is a concern.

Select by Lifestyle

A card wallet is slim and small and holds licenses and credit cards. A passport wallet makes traveling light much simpler. Checkbook wallets are for those that shop where they cannot always pay with credit cards and do not like to carry cash. Money clips keep cash secure and neatly folded and also securely hold IDs and credit cards along with the cash.

Shop for Less

Many style experts recommend carrying a smaller wallet than what people think they need. Doing this forces the carrier to think about what they want to include, and it avoids the impulse of filling in extra slots just because they are there. The extra few seconds of thought also ensures that people remember to bring what they must have.

Keep It Subtle

Avoid the temptation of including stacks of cash when filling a wallet. A slim, perfectly organized wallet is more comfortable to carry and looks more professional. Keep only what is absolutely needed in the billfold. This makes it easier to find what you are looking for and prevents the embarrassment of shuffling around while people wait.

Remember to Include

There are only a handful of items to include when carrying a traditional wallet. A small amount of cash for emergency use is sensible. Depending on where you live, this could be as little as $20. Identification (including hunting and fishing licenses), debit cards and medical insurance cards are also important items to include.

Leave at Home

Leave Social Security cards at home because they make life too easy for identity thieves. Store business contact info, appointment times and dates and personal numbers in a cell phone to avoid clutter.

Buy an Extra

It never hurts to have a spare for all necessities and active lifestyles are the perfect excuse for investing in more than one wallet. Consider carrying a back pocket wallet during the work week. Switch to a slimmer front-pocket design, money clip or card holder for convenience and security when hunting, fishing or hiking.

Cashiers dislike seeing someone yank sweaty, crumpled bills from their front pocket and very few law enforcement officials have sympathy when a license is left at home. At Over Under Clothing, we offer high-quality designs that are durable and attractive and, best of all, made in the USA. You need a wallet. Let us supply you with the best.

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