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What is Dura-Hide Rip Stop Material?

Going on a hunt can mean long days in inclement weather as you track and bag your prey. These are rewarding trips, but as they draw on, you'll need reliable outerwear. That's why more hunters rely on Dura-Hide™ belts and dog collars, which retain functionality and comfort in the long term. For more information on the benefits of Dura-Hide products, consult the guide below. 

How Is Dura-Hide Material Made?

Production on Dura-Hide dog collars, leashes, and belts begin with ripstop nylon interwoven with dense reinforcing yarn. Manufacturers weave several threads at 0.2 to 0.3-inch intervals in a crosshatched square pattern. The process is similar to the one used in creating Nomex protective wear for firefighters or combat uniforms for soldiers. Dura-Hide is similarly highly resistant to ripping and tearing from consistent use or exposure to the elements. While the materials used in firefighting and combat gear are notoriously heavy, ripstop Dura-Hide products are lighter. Dura-Hide accessories balance utility and comfort by using the same weaving method but the ripstop nylon ensures they remain lightweight.

With the interior webbing woven and crosshatched, manufacturers encase the product in polyurethane. The coating increases the product's strength while also making it waterproof. Many manufacturers will also add brass hardware for reliable latching. Now complete, the Dura-Hide dog collar or belt will see you through hunts in extreme weather conditions. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Dura-Hide Ripstop Material?


By adding strong synthetic fibers, like nylon, into the Dura-Hide weave, products have added protection. The smaller increments also add resilience by further tightening the weave. If a square of threads tear from elemental wearing or get snagged on fallen branches, the increased thread strength prevents that rip from growing.


Elemental exposure and physical exertion will make traditional belts and dog collars odorous over time. They'll need to be cleaned more often, which will add to more wear and tear. Dura-Hide ripstop accessories do not retain odors. The polyurethane coating is imporous, preventing moisture and air from seeping into materials, which would otherwise cause damage and odors. Polyurethane coating also dries quickly, so bacteria can't become embedded in the material. You won't have to clean the items as often, further increasing their life span.


For more information on our American-made Dura-Hide products, including dog collars and belts, call us at (904) 619-0577. All orders $50+ are eligible for free shipping.

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