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What to Know Before Packing for Cooler Summer Vacation Evenings

Are you planning an outdoor summer getaway? Even though your vacation days are filled with hot, humid weather, when the sun sets you may feel a distinct chill. Take a look at the nighttime-based questions you need to ask before you pack for your next summer adventure.

Will You Sleep Outdoors?

If you plan to camp, you need to pack for the possibility of chilly nights. The T-shirts, shorts, and swim trunks you'll wear during the day won't keep you warm when the sun goes down. Along with daytime clothes, pack for potentially cold overnight sleep, and include:

  • Long pants. The shorts that keep your legs cool during the day may make sleeping uncomfortable. A fuller coverage pant offers more protection from the overnight chill.
  • Long-sleeved shirts. Layer longer sleeves on top of your regular daytime shirts at night. The added layer will keep you warm and make it easy to make a quick change in the morning heat.
  • Socks. Maintain the blood flow to your toes when the outdoor temperature cools. While you can wear sandals with bare feet during the day, at night you need extra coverage. Pack warm wool or cotton socks to sleep in.
  • Accessories. You may also need gloves or a hat, depending on how low the temperature drops during the nighttime hours.

Dress for sleep in layers. If you have a high-quality sleeping bag, you may need to remove a layer in the middle of the night — especially if you wake up sweaty.

Do You Have Outdoor Evening Activities Planned?

A camping trip isn't the only reason to pack for colder weather. If you have a pre-sunset hike, an early morning fishing excursion, or a nighttime activity planned, you need to dress accordingly.

Even though the evening and post-sunset temperatures may seem chilly, it's not likely you'll need to fill your backpack with heavy coats or thermal base layers. Before you pack your warmest winter gear for nighttime summer activities, consider:

  • The projected temperature. What does the weather forecast predict? Even though the forecast isn't guaranteed, use the projections as a packing guide.
  • The nighttime activity choice. The more active you are, the warmer you'll feel. If your activities include vigorous exercise, you may need lighter-weight clothes.
  • The warmth of the item. A long-sleeved T-shirt doesn't provide the same level of warmth or protection that a sweater or flannel does. Before you choose items to pack, think about how much warmth they provide and match it to your activity selection.

Along with warmth, take moisture into account as you choose summertime evening outdoor clothing. If the weather calls for rain or you plan to engage in a water-based activity, include waterproof exterior wear.

What Accessories Will You Need for the Nights?

Even though clothes are the mainstay of your summer getaway packing list, you may also need other items. The specific evening accessories or additional items you need for the nights of your summer outdoor vacation depend on:

  • Evening activity choice. While your outdoor adventure primarily features nature-based activities, you may choose to spend some time indoors. If you've planned a night out, dinner at a restaurant, or a similar activity, you may need to bring a tie, a belt, or other accessories.
  • Extra items you need to carry. Do you need to carry your gear during a nighttime hike or other similar activity? Instead of the duffle or backpack you packed for the trip, bring a second (smaller) bag for evening excursions.
  • Footwear options. Again, you may need to pack extra socks for cooler evenings — especially if you plan to wear sandals during the day. Along with socks, you may also need thicker, warmer, or dressier shoes.

If you plan to bring accessories such as ties, jewelry, or other nicer items, consider packing a separate bag. This allows you to keep weathered outdoor gear away from your accessories.

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