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What You Need to Know About Bow Ties

Are you a bow tie–type of guy? If you want to wear this accessory but aren't sure about the style specifics, take a look at what you need to know about when, where, and how to wear a bow tie.

When Can You Wear a Bow Tie?

In general, you can wear a bow tie any time you feel comfortable doing so. The more specific answer to this question depends on the event, style expectations, and the look you want to put forward to the world.

Even though you can wear a bow time almost anytime, that doesn't necessarily mean you should. Before you accent your ensemble with this style option, consider what could happen to the tie. You don't want to tear, permanently stain, or ruin the accessory.

Where Can You Wear a Bow Tie?

You want to avoid times when your activity choice could damage your tie. If you might end up in an outdoor adventure, a dressy selection (such as a bow tie) could get covered with mud, muck, or debris.

Likewise, some seemingly acceptable outdoorsy events may prematurely end your tie's time. While showing up at a campfire cookout with a quirky printed bow tie may make you stand out, the fiery outdoor air and natural scene probably aren't the best activity match for this type of outfit accent.

Some of the most popular places to wear bow ties include (but certainly aren't limited to):

  • Work. If your work attire is more formal than not, a bow style is the perfect alternative to the same old necktie you wear every day. Not only can a bow tie change up your look, but it also fits well with business casual attire too.
  • A formal affair. A wedding or other similarly dressy event requires a special look. Whether you need to wear a tux, or your suit requires a suitable tie, a bow style can add a special something that neckties often can't.
  • A night out. Sweats and tees certainly make a statement. But what do they say about you on a night out? If you need to up your style game, and a necktie is too formal, a bow tie is a casually quirky option to consider.
  • A date. Show your date you have style with a patterned bow tie. The tie says you're an individual who knows what he likes and wears what he wants.

Now that you know when and where to wear a tie (and when to hold off on this accessory), turn your attention to the hows. Along with the actual tying of the tie, you also need to understand style and fabric choices.

How Should You Wear a Tie?

Is this your first tie tying (or tie choosing) experience? To start with, a bow tie is a tie and not a bow clip. Leave the clip-on styles to someone else. To wear a non-clip tie:

  • Select a style. A variety of styles exist, such as batwing, diamond tip, and butterfly. If you're not sure which one is right for you, try a few to decide. Along with your personal preference, make sure the tie fits your frame and the event.
  • Choose a material. Do you want a pure silk tie or something less dressy? Silk and satin fabrics are ideal for formal occasions but may seem out of place with khakis and your casual Friday ensemble.
  • Choose a color or pattern. Black tie events often literally require a black tie. But other less formal occasions may allow you to have fun with color and pattern selection.

After you select the style and color combination, you need to actually wear the tie. Tie tying is an art in itself. Ask a friend or family member for help if this is your first time. The more you tie your tie, the easier it will get.

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